Suggestion for writer’s financial constraints


Writers are the movers and shakers and so they plan everything about the big and small happenings inside their novel, writing and poetry but they hardly get a time to think about their real-life challenges.

Frankly speaking, this whole world runs around the material sound of money and as a writer it is expected from you to write anything that can louder your material sound in your bank account as that is what really matters to the most who lives around you even if it does not matter much to you as a writer.

Mostly writers are self-employed and don’t have fixed income and financial constraint is something that can come any time. So it is very important to have your objective clear; after all you can write longer if you piggy bank is full.

Indeed, when my mother starts showing me the rough roads of my financial situation I simply stop her. Hold on, before I get lost and forget my writing. One evening I get a time to have a word with a Health & Wellness Coach Rajiv Seharawat on the subject of Writers nature and their financial constraints and I find really worth mentioning his suggestions.

  1. Learn to sell yourself: every company nowadays needs a writer for their contents. So never run to catch the work at the lowest price as none wants to spend money. There is a huge competition amongst writers and the same is with the companies. So get the deal at least to the point when you have a good return of your time, knowledge and skill set.


  1. Learn new skills: Each industry is not paying equally and they go parallel and higher all the time so it is always good to write for some new areas. People are always ready to give you a chance. Grab it and work harder to learn the industry sooner. If you can write fiction try to write non-fiction too. There is a huge market for ghost writers too which is a highly-paid job.


  1. Learn to see work like a business man: every writer who writes is actually running his small business and so your goodwill in market is all that will fetch more work from the market. Be honest in your commitments and never lose trace of your money.


  1. Learn to say no: it is not always good to answer positive. There is nothing wrong with saying No. After all, you are to give your time and your time gets converted into cash. It is possible that you will get paid better for the same job as you have proven your worth earlier.


  1. Learn to stop thinking about writing: It is never good to trouble your mind or load it with work. Give your mind some time so new ideas and creativity can walk in. The more time you give the better your creativity will help your writing and earning. In other words, avoid less paid jobs.


  1. Learn to trust your wife with her financial skills: If you are a writer then you know it is not wise to burden yourself with how to manage and foot the bill of your household affairs. It is an extra burden. Allow your wife or partner to manage your home with her best skills.


  1. Learn to create a spending plan: Earning is not all; you have to be very careful about your expenditure and investment. There is something called routine expense like groceries and utility bills and non-routine bills such as traveling on vacations and buying new clothes. If you are planning your expenses, then it is easier to go for investments.


  1. Learn to earn for your everyday: It is always necessary to earn your daily expenses daily. Don’t rely on your big project incomes to take care of your daily expenses as far as possible because that big income can directly be used as investment.


  1. Learn to plan for your rainy days: Everyone has to think about the rainy days like emergencies and no work. Always keep some money as emergency fund which you can use when you need a laptop or a new gadget so you can easily use that fund. It is also important to have life and health insurance policies.


  1. Learn to clear off your debts: In modern lifestyle credit card is one of the most commonly used things for purchasing and this debt is surely going to make you insomniac so better clear off your bills. If needed have two bank credit cards and swipe wisely as per its billing cycle.


Start your financial journey and keep a log of these steps and how good you are implementing them in your day to day life. Financial wisdom can help you save your future and your family’s future. Use it!!!

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