5 Mistakes in Your Endearing Compliments


Compliments or praise in relationship are often shared to sweeten the relationship and make it beautiful, alive and friendlier. It is a verbal sharing of love and affection that matters the most. It increases the euphoria of relationship. This goes very smooth in made-for-each-other type of relationship because they are both honest with each other however there are some relationships which are not of that level. As we know people have masks on their faces and then these compliments sound phony.

We have grown in a society where we have learnt that words are phony and some words are meant only to hook you. These words are highly poetic in its nature and widely used so they can raise a red flag if misunderstood.

One of my friends directly told me that she doesn’t read poetry as she hardly understands why someone is telling simple things with so much decoration of language. No debate on the nature of poetry. It is fine that she doesn’t like poetry and she is absolutely sure about it.

Again, one of my friends said that boys are trained to target girls with soft words to hook and lay them.

Well, we no more live in a world where one can judge your intention from the set of compliments you have used.

It is really advisable to be genuine in your compliments especially when you two are coming into a new relationship. Both are at initial level of bonding and both are trying to catch the geniuses in the web of each other’s words.

I agree the euphoria of new relationship makes you want to be more poetic even if you are not so romantic in nature but the display of emotions often brings poetic sense in you and you use something like

  • Your presence makes everything beautiful.

Indeed it is true in all its sense and you genuinely mean it but such expression is repeated so much that it can back fire at the first stage itself as she knows that every hooker or ladies’ man uses such shallow expression to get a fuck and forget the lady. They coin such beautiful expression to play around and move ahead. So don’t allow any doubt about your personality in her mind although everyone likes to be appreciated.


  • You changed me into a happy man.

It is not the presence of someone whom you have blindly following and will continue doing this forever, you know this right. You know it just means that you are feeling the euphoria of happiness in your blood stream due to the new involvement. As the romantic cloud moves and the sky becomes again as it used to be, you will be back on your level of restlessness and then a blame game will start. Be normal, feel good and just be honest even in telling her your mind.


  • You are so different from my Ex.

Don’t try to compare apple with orange. Yes both are fruits still they are different. Similarly two women are different.  So don’t compare and try to lower one for another. It is more of a politic than a love. Everyone likes to be appreciated but it doesn’t mean a degree of comparison is required. Appreciate her for her uniqueness, her positive thinking and its influences. Such uses are actually proved as a spoiler. After all you feed her mind with negativity and comparison.


  • I just want you to be mine forever.

There comes a question why do you want her to be yours only. It can translate as if you are very possessive and people hate a passive man especially husband as he can ruin all of her happiness and leave no personal space for her living. It can threaten her and she will not value your over anxious emotions but feel safe to drop you soon.


  • You are so perfect as if you’ve come out of my dream.

It really sounds poetic and beautiful and it has the capacity to till the heart of a lovely woman but it lacks the genuineness, especially in the early stage. She can judge you as a hooker and drop you soon. It is possible it gives you some mileage if you are extra smart and careful in topping up your emotions with more surgery words. But doubt will always be there because everyone knows that no one is perfect and everyone has their own types of flaws and complexity in nature.

Truth is that no one knows what will back fire and what will work as it varies from person to person and experience to experience. But it is better to be safe than sorry.  Be more real.

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