Writer and editor are in the same boat


A writer’s mind is like unleashed dog who is now ready to run fast, sniff something, piss here and there and every now and then stop and again is ready to run. He is so happy with this newly found freedom that he is not ready to get caught any time soon. He is very happy.

But he is not sure where this run could lead him or where he could end up. He is just running – of course mentally. He is seeing his world around and again collecting all this and comparing it to his imaginative world and trying to find meaning in anything and everything. This is how he gets things for his ideas and imaginations.

After some time, he gets tired and comes to his limit. Now he is exhausted and not ready to support his mind to think anything. It is probably at the time when his manuscript is done. Now he should put his MS aside and start doing anything meaningful that can take him away from his book then come back and start reading his whole book as a reader. Several things will certainly look raw, incomplete and inappropriately placed.

Once all is placed and completely checked, it is the first time when author needs an editor or he comes in contact with an editor. Trust me no matter how sexy she dresses herself and velvety she sounds but she is going to be very harsh with you and color your work in red within a few minutes.

Editors are the best trained persons who know their job well and they are the best in picking up the points which transfer your viable idea into marketable goods. They are the one knowing your genre, your audience and the chances of its success – all is now on the map of their corrections. Follow each red mark, comment and help her to make it presentable to the readers.

Most of the authors think that publishers bring readers but the truth is that author brings audience to the publisher’s desk so it is time to work hard, roll your sleeves up again and start.

Depending on the type of edition you have but your editor is the best one to trust and she will help you in improving your manuscript by looking at your story’s growth, plot strength, characterization, dialogue, order of scenes, point of view, voice, setting, word choice, sentence construction and syntax, and pace. She will do everything to strengthen your manuscript so it can survive and sell in the market.

The biggest challenge an author faces as he picks up his characters from the surroundings so it can become hard to make differences in the voices and quirks among each of the characters and crystal clear their differences. The editor goes into the characters and looks how far a writer can go with each of these characters.

She is helping in ensuring the right ending of each chapter for the reader’s best involvement with the story. She points out the overdoing in terms of grammar modifiers and character’s exposition.  And she does the most difficult part – that is she tells you the roots of the clichés.

In short, without her your MS is raw. She polishes and makes sure that what you mean is actually what your reader understands. She makes the work better, clear and enjoyable experience. She is the real craft man of your MS. She is the enhancer and really helps you to go long in the path of your writing journey.

Get the best editor, keep your deep pocket open and enjoy your writing experience.

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