About me

IMG_0956Everyone is born alone but grows up in a society and there one learns to interact with another human being and that starts a relationship. I can say, my quest to know about the human relationship pulled my attention and I try to understand the journey of an individual from his or her loneliness to the companionship.

When one is alone, heart craves to have companionship and mind analyses in whose company one should live, stay, continue and what one can enjoy in this company. This happy recollection strengthens the relationship and offers sweetness into the relationship.

Seldom when we find ourselves in a company of people with some dissimilar interest then our loneliness increases and sometimes we come across with bad experiences that continue to stay in our mind for long.

Each individual is a gathering of some good and bad situations of his or her life and such gathering often shapes one’s personality.

Personality is a word derived from the Latin word Persona which means mask. Mask is nothing but a cover over your true image. A question soon comes in existence: why one needs a mask?  It is a way, a strategy to survive despite of our bad experience and remain pleasant, affectionate, and good before the large ordinance.

Human race has a history of achievements, pinnacles after pinnacles and similarly it is a history of mask after mask, the better the mask the better opportunity of success comes into the life.

Everyone wants the unblemished face, prefect, smooth, and clean face and soon the world copies. God made face is not so easily accepted. It requires a finishing touch, a mask that could be more beautiful than the previous one. This quest has covered the human history and continues into the future till the eternity.

My interest to know the journey of a human from his loneliness to companionship gives me opportunity to see and wonder about the complex structure of his relationship, likes and dislikes, love and passion, violence and spiritual existence that finally helped me to weave a plot for my novel.