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Set real expectations in Marriage


Marriage is the best thing and so both man and woman crave to get as soon as possible but hurry always costs life. Never show too much hurry, go slow and be clear about your expectations and allow freshness to enter into your relationship.

The best way to save your marriage is to know first what it can give you. What really you can expect in the marriage. Marriage is not for having your dream to experience in reality. It is the need of your reality so face the reality with open eyes and keep your expectation as realistic as possible.

It is very important to be clear in your mind why you want to marry someone

  1. Marry with all odds and good: People want to grow in life and want to become something and they work hard to reach there and sometime keeping balance between the work and home becomes difficult. It is possible you feel distance and you feel mad but it is all you need to accept clearly before entering in marriage.


  1. Marriage turns a house into home: Home is a place where you feel safe and indeed you feel safe while you are reacting over your failure and express your frustration in full voice. Allow to let on and accept each other in totality.


  1. Marriage can’t completely efface your loneliness of heart: It will be easier to understand if I tell you that everyone is carrying a big bag of loneliness and the moment you feel to share some of your loneliness with someone for the lifetime then you are in marriage. It allows both of you to open your bag and share your loneliness and feel fine but don’t expect that your whole loneliness will be share and you will not have any after marriage.


  1. Marriage is not a therapy: If you are wounded emotionally then don’t think he or she will understand you completely. It is yours so you have to take care of it. However your partner will surely support you to get better soon. Such moments create a long lasting relationship, learn to value them.


  1. Marriage is not the playground of ego battle: Ego is a good thing but keep safe as it can wall both of you and keep you feel alone and worst alien to each other. Better learn the fact ego can kill your marriage and separate you for the life time. Be open and tell your mind and allow your partner to speak openly and above all trust honestly what your partner says. Otherwise your relationship will face ego struggle.


  1. Marriage is not clean like a photography: When you go and click a photograph you try to avoid all unnecessary objects. You try to have clear pictures but life is not like that. It is full of unnecessary things and so is your marriage. The best way to safe your sanity is to learn to avoid, choose your battle wisely – in fact very wisely and end it all soon.


  1. Marriage never promises love for lifelong: Indeed love only promises happy life but not the marriage so always care for your love. It will take you towards a happy life. You will create a strong bond by caring for each other. Otherwise marriage is like a fine book purchased at a high price but kept on shelves without reading.


  1. Marriage is not a demand to love in return: Life is a big game changer and same is with marriage. It can change you so be careful. Never stop your kindness and good acts if you partner is not showing you any in return. The truth is we believe tit for tat and result is always bad. Love is something that can change and if it does not change your partner then at least you will have a comfort that you tried your best.


  1. Marriage doesn’t mean no distance: Indeed a little distance is very important in every relationship. You don’t need to start taking all decisions of your partner’s life. Both are free and both are matured so it is always good to have mutual decision.


  1. Marriage doesn’t stop struggles like who loves the most: It is a very common struggle between couples as they always try to prove to each other that one loves more than the other and so other doesn’t have any care for the first. It is a very unique kind of love hate relationship. Trust me this situation is very childlike, very innocent and no need to push the panic button, one good warm hug can solve major of the complaint and rest can easily be avoided.

Be sure that your marriage is like your own garden; the better you care the better fruits will get laden. Be happy and keep your partner happy. Life will seem a lovely garden of dreams and desires.

Marriage is a choice between freedom and responsibility


When the talk comes upon marriage, mostly my mind stops working as it certainly means hurting someone whom you love. This marriage sounds to me like a bad section as I have to dangle at the choice between my mom and wife – a woman with whom my life started and another with whom I am to live long.

I think this world can be divided into two parts on this single matter. Both are true in their part. One is correct as without emotion man is nothing but an animal and another is the practical approach towards life. Well I agree one has to be realistic in life at some point of time.

I am happy as long as the question is dividing the world but certainly I don’t want to ever come into the ring and get ripped off.

Right from the beginning my mother was the first lady who came for me. In fact, I don’t have my own sister so my mother is the only female in the family and she is the one taking care of everything. She is my best confidant and the most trusted source for everything in life right from suggestion to execution.

Now, a young woman has come to share everything. Indeed, it is amazing and dream come true situation for me but I know they will pole apart my head, heart and everything. I will be divided. It will be like I am to serve two masters at the same time. I have to keep both of them happy.

My mind is frozen. I can’t think about a situation when I will be asked to judge both the women and sentence one as wrong and guilty. No, I can’t see my woman breaking and melting in tears and for the rest of the life blaming myself that my error of judgement made one to bleed and cry.

I don’t want my new generation grow in such atmosphere. I don’t want people look at me and aim their finger at me that I fail to keep a control over my wife and fail to keep mother happy. It is simply a nightmare.

There is nothing wrong in accepting the fact that I am good for nothing. I can’t qualify in the test to fail badly. I am happy with my life the way it is going but it is truth of life that after day there come night and nothing is more horrifying than to pass a nightmare with open eyes and standing stranded.

Yes, this is the fact of life, if not for everyone but especially for me. The buzz of my mind just stops when I think about the two women in my life.

Now wife comes at an age and is not just ready to leave her freedom and liberty. She needs her husband right at her side as if it is her right to live alone with him and fulfill her all dreams and fantasy.

Mother is also as if waiting for this day to test her son’s loyalty after all she is now old and needs her son for her emotional needs too. She is just not ready to go unattained. She has given him her youth and sacrificed her life and time to make him a full-grown adult and now it is his responsibility and duty to look after her.

Nothing, life is nothing but a nightmare. It is a nightmare to pull and probe the matrimonial button at such an early age of my life. I want to live long and happy and if that means a bachelor life then it is accepted. Freedom is definitely something more important than two scaffolds of death where you will be only hanging and begging to die but death will not come near you.

It is amazing to see the dawn of the day and run behind the butterflies but never allow the night to enter in my life. Thanks for reading me.

Why Women Cheat


Life always finds ways to live and believe me or not but people find reasons for all of their acts and the same goes for the matter of love sex and cheating. I don’t want to give you an impression from my article that it is hard to find a woman happy and so there is always a chance of her cheating. Nothing.

Cheating is just a temptation and it can come in life for a short while but it can leave everything in commotion, disturbed and ruined. Cheaters always find pleasure first but soon for sure have a pain, a tinge of separation and a worst guilt.

This is a fact of life that life never runs smooth and each life has some crosses and a woman’s life which has so many cares for smaller things often feels stressed about small things and some feel forced to cheating.

Studies conducted in 2012 by Marital and Family Therapy, say:

  • 14% of married women have cheated compared to 22% of married men.

However, women’s cheating is still an investment into her new relationship as she is looking for emotional intimacy while a man usually cheats for physical pleasure. She wants to feel that she is desired, wanted and irresistible which when she fails to experience at her home she slips outside. Here are the few most talked reasons:

  1. Lack of attention and intimacy: 

Love is something without which life is barren. In general, women need a lot of things from her partner that means intimacy, physical touch, and mental and emotional attention. Once she is lacking she slowly moves to emotional affairs which don’t take long to become a sexual one.

  1. Revenge:

It is a negative feeling and it is done to hurt your partner. It is like telling him that sees how one feels when someone cheats but it means nothing. Earlier one was feeling hurt and now both and soon no one.

  1. Bad sex:

It is really something very important in life that really makes her feel bad, emotionally stressed and makes her spend more time in fantasizing  which can lead to cheating.

  1. Better opportunity or just temptations:

Male gets excitement by watching and love seeing the partner in shape. It is the greatest weakness you can say and when woman knows men can be or are behind her there is a great chance of cheating.

  1. Financial independence:

When you have financial dependence certainly things come within your control as you get more opportunities in life. You get more access to the new opportunities and you find chances to like someone greatly.

  1. Low self-esteem:

It is very big problem that grows due to rejection received in life and gradually a woman starts to live in rejection as she is of no use. Such level of thought affects her sexual, emotional and intellectual wellbeing. She needs approval of others in everything including sex. Such women often fail to trust in her husband’s or boyfriend’s love. Yes low self-esteem is not something that can’t be checked and situation of her life can’t get improved. Indeed it can be by counselling.

  1. Feeling under-appreciated:

Appreciation is something everyone wants not only at a work place but also in the relation and after marriage over a period of time when you start to feel rejected, un-noticed and unimportant gradually you like to start working on something that can help you to draw your husband’s attention like cooking special food, celebrating holidays and birthdays or any day that can make a day meaningful when you can listen from him your heart craving words like – love you, please, thank you etc. but you are just taken for granted each time.

  1. Bored:

It is something that gradually comes in life and it makes t monotonous, dull and a routine follows and no wonder you need a change. There is nothing you can do. You are feeling emotionally distant from him. You feel to find yourself in a new lively situation in a new ambience and in a cozy atmosphere. All this started with a good sense to excite you. You start to look at your Facebook account, old friends and old stash of acquaintance.

Indeed it is sad to know that something was wrong and missing in their relationship and that allowed the need of a new partner. However, there can be several other reasons too but it is always bad to see that relation is rocking.

The best way to keep yourself safe is to look for better counselling, good self-help book and control your temptation and try to restore your relationship.

Why people cheat


There can be a long debate on this topic and many things can be unearthed but the fact that men cheat is unfortunately not going to change. They do it knowing everything in advance: that soon he will be caught and face hot water relationship with wife or girlfriend.

Cheating is actually a habit which starts at very early age with things like eating fruits from the neighbor’s tree without their permission and supporting this practice by logic that such fruits are sweeter than the one brought from the market.

This logic is what beguiles everything. You learn to set wrong logic in life and soon you walk on a path that never allows you to return back to your home only because your logic made a heart burn, aches and pains to your partner and nothing left at its place.

There is something in the society that first promotes bad things. Media houses go with the same logic and soon you learn all bad things and take everything for granted. You learn to use mathematic to hook someone.

If you are calculating everything and then making your moves then you are a hooker and nothing else. This hooking business is like fishing. You are like a fisher man who hooks fish by placing before them on a hook what fish likes. There is no romance. There is no love.

When you find a girlfriend whom you have fished only by speaking what sounds fine and like a silly fish she fell on your net that can never mean love in the true sense of the word. It is pure math; no chemistry of love could be possible.

The moment you try to speak the truth or she tries to listen to the truth, the outer covering of intimacy will soon get threatened. There is a big percentage of couples who are living their long life without actual love, just with pretension of love.

Love is actually not something so small and so weak that your wife will not understand why really you need something or someone. If you really need she will let you have no matter how much it can cost her.

That freedom to let you have is her faith in you, in her love for you. It is nowhere her weakness but her strength to love you and that love is purely unconditional and such love will never let you go far away from her. You will return no matter how.

The same goes with the husband too; if he loves you unconditionally he will let you go. It will be a pain. It will be the end of his life, biological or emotional but he will allow you to go but at the same time beg you never to do this.

Each step which you taking away from him or her is a pain and if knowing this all you are still going then be careful. You are going away from your heaven. You will soon realize where you are headed to and where you should be because no heart can love you so much.

In today’s life, people are living fast life and need everything readymade. Most people took the wrong set of examples and misguide themselves and miss true love over the attraction of skin.

Cheating is like plucking a fruit without permission, without the knowledge of the actual owner and so it gives so much excitement to the children in eating but believe me no matter who you are or how strong you are at the end you learn this simple lesson that the fruit of love is the sweetest one and rest is just waste.

Some remain a child throughout their life and a few lucky ones learn before it is too late.

5 Mistakes in Your Endearing Compliments


Compliments or praise in relationship are often shared to sweeten the relationship and make it beautiful, alive and friendlier. It is a verbal sharing of love and affection that matters the most. It increases the euphoria of relationship. This goes very smooth in made-for-each-other type of relationship because they are both honest with each other however there are some relationships which are not of that level. As we know people have masks on their faces and then these compliments sound phony.

We have grown in a society where we have learnt that words are phony and some words are meant only to hook you. These words are highly poetic in its nature and widely used so they can raise a red flag if misunderstood.

One of my friends directly told me that she doesn’t read poetry as she hardly understands why someone is telling simple things with so much decoration of language. No debate on the nature of poetry. It is fine that she doesn’t like poetry and she is absolutely sure about it.

Again, one of my friends said that boys are trained to target girls with soft words to hook and lay them.

Well, we no more live in a world where one can judge your intention from the set of compliments you have used.

It is really advisable to be genuine in your compliments especially when you two are coming into a new relationship. Both are at initial level of bonding and both are trying to catch the geniuses in the web of each other’s words.

I agree the euphoria of new relationship makes you want to be more poetic even if you are not so romantic in nature but the display of emotions often brings poetic sense in you and you use something like

  • Your presence makes everything beautiful.

Indeed it is true in all its sense and you genuinely mean it but such expression is repeated so much that it can back fire at the first stage itself as she knows that every hooker or ladies’ man uses such shallow expression to get a fuck and forget the lady. They coin such beautiful expression to play around and move ahead. So don’t allow any doubt about your personality in her mind although everyone likes to be appreciated.


  • You changed me into a happy man.

It is not the presence of someone whom you have blindly following and will continue doing this forever, you know this right. You know it just means that you are feeling the euphoria of happiness in your blood stream due to the new involvement. As the romantic cloud moves and the sky becomes again as it used to be, you will be back on your level of restlessness and then a blame game will start. Be normal, feel good and just be honest even in telling her your mind.


  • You are so different from my Ex.

Don’t try to compare apple with orange. Yes both are fruits still they are different. Similarly two women are different.  So don’t compare and try to lower one for another. It is more of a politic than a love. Everyone likes to be appreciated but it doesn’t mean a degree of comparison is required. Appreciate her for her uniqueness, her positive thinking and its influences. Such uses are actually proved as a spoiler. After all you feed her mind with negativity and comparison.


  • I just want you to be mine forever.

There comes a question why do you want her to be yours only. It can translate as if you are very possessive and people hate a passive man especially husband as he can ruin all of her happiness and leave no personal space for her living. It can threaten her and she will not value your over anxious emotions but feel safe to drop you soon.


  • You are so perfect as if you’ve come out of my dream.

It really sounds poetic and beautiful and it has the capacity to till the heart of a lovely woman but it lacks the genuineness, especially in the early stage. She can judge you as a hooker and drop you soon. It is possible it gives you some mileage if you are extra smart and careful in topping up your emotions with more surgery words. But doubt will always be there because everyone knows that no one is perfect and everyone has their own types of flaws and complexity in nature.

Truth is that no one knows what will back fire and what will work as it varies from person to person and experience to experience. But it is better to be safe than sorry.  Be more real.

Sex is not an emotion


Sex and love are such topics that very inadvertently draw our attention and the best part is that no matter if we have come across this experience or not or whether we have our own prejudiced thought or not but we love to know others point of view. At the beginning itself I’d like to make it clear that writer or speaker may not have something new to say but he gets readers or listeners that show the inclination towards the topic and its magic effect upon our life.

Indeed it is very difficult to separate or wedge in between these topics but if try it can kill the whole subject. It is like separating salt, spice and oil from the pickle. The moment you do subject loses all its existence. And needless to say there will be no fun to carry any interest in this subject.

Keeping your interest alive and continuing with the topic I would like to say that sex is not an emotion rather it is a discharge of mental anxiety. Human body has bones and flesh and there inside of our body several things grow and die similarly as in our brain several things appear and disappear. This process is so natural like making of cells and their dying.

Sexual feelings also build within and die with the time. Scientific study says that men think about sex on an average 34 times in a day whereas women think on an average 19 times in a day. This imbalance says that men love sex more and they find sex more fulfilling and motivating. Male find sex as more intrusive thoughts and so it is harder for them to differentiate the chemistry of their building relationship.

Human can need sex for many other reasons and not just for sex. It can be for expression of emotions like love, hate, loneliness and grief and sometimes to give a kick start to their relationship or one’s isolated life.

Having sex is both mental and physical journey. To experience this lets have a thought about sex and run it like a movie in the mind and then try to fall asleep. Suddenly you will wake up with a sense of a fall out and experience a pool of wetness all around you. The more frequent you are in thinking about this during bed time the more regular it becomes.  There is no shame in it as we all have experienced this in our early teens.

This is the natural fusion of reality and dream. Dreams co-relate with your reality and reality splays into your dream. This inter play is the magic but when a human is alone and living in miserable conditions of isolation and loneliness and his mental energy is the only energy to connect him or her to one’s desired object then sex is not just a sex but an obsession to feel connected with the bygone.

No matter how many partners you change your grief or sense of loss will remain stronger within. You will crave more to feel the bygone partner internally although your body is experiencing the new one. It is a dangerous situation and more risky as it leaves a profound grief and loneliness in heart.

A heart can’t throb longer in such situation. Indulgence after indulgence the rage of grief is not ending. Sex is a diversion which is acting as a way to channelize your energy but your grief is unrelenting. It is not letting you have sense of freedom.

In most cases, drugs soon add into this course of action and are backed by promiscuous sex that makes life further difficult. And coping with the loneliness becomes harder and life is in constant threat due to physical and mental abuse.

Life is still easier while one is in indulgence of sex and drugs if compared to the time when life gives you a sense as where one is driving his or her life then only grief, misery, anger on self and acute despair wall on them till death.

Sex is a method to reach love. When the objective of sex is not to reach love then life has to suffer no matter how great the escape of sex looks. The inner emptiness always reflects within the outer search.

Love is the body where intimacy grows. Sex is its expression. It is the outer reflection for the inner search of companionship.

Men start dating in their grieving hours because they want to ventilate themselves and talk about their emotions with a woman which is found much easier for men than for women under that same circumstances but both rush faster than normally in such hours. However emotionally women are stronger than men. They find other women in their community to share their emotions and feelings if they really want to.

For a man easy mating is the impulse to share all his rocking emotions where he can’t share himself easily with a woman but this big world becomes a big playground for his emotional search. Emotional emptiness makes a person wanderer. Sex is just a relief and can give a sense of attachment for a while but it has a limit and after that it is gone. It reaches to the tilling chill of a physical plain only however human wants are way beyond this.

Inner emptiness still exists. One is still searching and this running is only changing body but the quest is to reach the soul. Sexual pleasure becomes a pleasure like eating or listening to a fine music. It is just a temporary.

Human’s need for companionship is spiritual quest and finding it is the only way to calm our senses. We need a soulmate where sharing is not just the physical act but life fulfilling physical and spiritual sharing. Here heart and body go in the same direction and moment of sex is enterprising.

Thigh gaps


Thigh gaps are not a new concept. We can say it is as old as the history of attraction towards the young slim girls. Fashion industry has made it as a scale of measurement.

It is a measurement of the thinnest of a girl. When a slim girl is in the buff or in her panties or a dress that allows the gap to be visible automatically it will be cynosure and accentuating for the eyes. Actually thigh gap is a gap between the inner thighs while standing straight with knees touching.

It is basically a matter of fact whether you have or you don’t have. This gap has largely to do with your bone structure and so it can’t be changed. No diet or gym can help you to have.

For long it has been considered as an idea of beauty and femininity. It was once a barometer for models or thin young girls but gradually it has become public.

Now young girl, who loves to be slim, loves to have thigh gap. It is just a way to look and feel sexy. It is accentuating to the eyes. We can see it better while girl is wearing skin tight Jeans or skinny Jeans, in her swimming suit, in her yoga pants or camel toes leggings.

Thigh gaps have always made its name in the gossip and fashion magazines. Robyn Lawley, a plus size Australian model who is a pin up model for magazines like MAXIM and GQ Australia, had revealed in an interview that she was once called hefty because of not having thigh gap.

In an interview she said: ‘I’ve been trying to do just the opposite,’ she explained. ‘I want my thighs to be bigger and stronger. I want to run faster and swim longer. I suppose we all just want different things, but women have enough pressure as it is without the added burden of achieving a “thigh gap.”‘ Then she added: ‘The last thing I would want for my future daughter would be to starve herself because she thought a “thigh gap” was necessary to be deemed attractive.’

It is found that due to these thigh gaps young girls and women have suffered a lot and starved themselves just to look slim. That has the worst effect on their body, mind and have created eating disorders and bad lifestyle.

It is very important to know that all legs are shaped differently. They can be A, O and X shaped. It is found very often that if your legs are slightly “O” shaped you have wider thigh gaps.

The beauty does not lie in thigh gaps but depends on several other things too. Be healthy and love your body no matter you have thigh gaps or not.

How one feels in long distance relationship


Life is coming to the laptop and mobile and people are coming more on social sites for personal and professional reasons. No matter what reason brings you here but human communication always finds ways for developing intimacy and closeness. As your relationship starts getting some personal space then you like to wait for him / her and you open the door of your heart and allow others to enter.

This kind of relationship is possible everywhere and it can be also virtual as two people are living and work at two different countries or it can be possible that intimacy grows so strong that both decide to live together and get married.

Possibility is always high and low. It is possible like we find in real life relationship that one gets more inclination and other is still waiting. Other is still trying his / her luck at some more places but intimacy is something that allows a great space and which is not possible to find anywhere else so one will like to get back to the place where one is more comfortable.

After years of having my personal experience I would like to share how one feels once a bonding has grown stronger and intimacy is developed; however the relation still has to wait for the best day to hold each other in arms.

It is an unmatched feeling to see your loved one right in your arms and then begin your love life like a real one. But when two hearts have become intimate and still they need to wait then at some point of the time one has to feel what exactly it feels like being in long distance relationship.

  1. You will feel as you have something to tell. Whenever you get a moment you send a message or a mail into the inbox.
  2. You often feel how good it were if I could share this moment or any occasion with him / her. This feeling grows very strong when on any occasion you need to be a couple.
  3. Face tells a lot about the mood and so it is possible to make error in judgement about the other’s bad mood.
  4. Sometime you need to change your meetings because you want to spend a quality time with your long-distance relationship.
  5. It sometimes makes you feel as if you are living in a dream as the person is never present with you in real but he/she is all yours and none understands you better than him / her.
  6. This relationship is a gift in bad days because you can unwind your mind by writing and this gives you a lot of time to think and rethink and be careful about your words. It helps your relation to grow stronger.
  7. In a long distance you have a better chance of getting reminder about the important dates like birthday so you have time to correct your mistake
  8. In long distance relationship there is often complaining that one is not reading the other.
  9. Long distance helps in paying extra attention to your loved one.
  10. Sometimes having faith on others looks like foolishness.
  11. In long distance relationship you can be always connected with him/ her through your gadgets.
  12. It is really bitter to miss him / her when you need the physical presence like you are physically ill and you need him/ her to take care of you.
  13. There is no need to measure the distance of land or air after all one is present with you on your gadget.
  14. In long distance relationship your excitement is all the time high. You love to show each day things like what you are wearing and how good you look.
  15. Long distance love is crazy and only crazy people know the fun of having this relationship.
  16. It is fun to have and you can live better.


Long distance relationship is now very common however many still feel that it can’t match the real one. But there is nothing like real or virtual when you can find love and get married and live happily.

Breasts – wonders for all time


Breasts are the lovely pair that drags the men’s eyes on them. Are they so inviting? Are they covering with simple slits to view half and leave better half for imagination? Or are they always a pair of our big imagination?

No matter what but simple fact is that they are one of the best objects for imagination, caged, fully covered, side open or in any way but always the best to view.

It is an experience and one can’t forget when those lovely breasts allow the hand-on experience. It is like a heaven’s door opening to enter with full heart pondering and racing experience. Men have the chemistry to just begin with the love for breasts.

A research at Germany was conducted on over 200 men. After 5 years of studying the research says that “Just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well-endowed female are roughly equivalent to a 30-minute aerobics work-out.”

According to Weatherby’s findings, men that stared at breasts daily had lower blood pressure, slower resting pulse rates as well as fewer instances of coronary artery disease.

Breasts are the lovely pair that gives health benefits and love tinge of impulses to go further and live the whole range of wild and dark fantasies. Living your fantasy is what makes life worth living. (Hopefully, all will agree.)

Breasts are the attraction for several researches too. In a research conducted in New Zealand about the size of breasts the researchers studied using eye-tracking technology to find how many men love to view or respond to the various-size breasts.

Results were definitely surprising: that some men responded well with attraction for small breasts however most men love gazing at the women with medium to large sized breasts.

If we talk about the Bra industry then it supports the idea that bigger breasts are better.

In 1914 first designed bra was patented which was two handkerchiefs sewn together with straps made of ribbon.

In 1948 Frederick Mellinger, founder of Frederick’s of Hollywood, came with push up bra that further added larger look to the pair of breasts. It was a huge success.

In 1994, a time which changed the world of bra and fashion with the arrival of Wonderbra which was actually a refinement of push-up bra concept and accented cleavage. The bra became so popular that the sales of Wonderbra goes skyrocket from 3% to 10% market sales.

A study conducted at the size of the breasts found that the average American bra size has increased from 34B to 36C.

Women are ready to go for the operation to have bigger breasts but in the society at large this complain further increased that men talk more at breasts than at face.

A study reveals that breast augmentation industry is at boom and Surgeons now carry out nearly 317,000 boob jobs annually in which they do around 100,000 breasts reductions.

It is just considered that female’s bigger breasts are telling about her fertility, sexual maturity and sexual attractiveness.

No matter what you like to call it but men are men and they are crazy about breasts. Their English and Malaysian researchers found. They showed full body photos of women to 361 men. Result revealed that women with medium size won the best attention.

Breasts are undoubtedly bliss, crowned with nipples and areola. There are so much studies and scientific researches involved. In the world famous book by Master and Johnson – “Sex and human loving” which is no less than a bible for learning about sexual intimacy, have revealed that breasts size increases during sex and it plays a vital role in man- woman sexual intimacy.

If we talk about the topic of sex and mating then it is in the human copulation that they are the only mammals who can achieve face to face sex. During sex or feeding nipple size grow bigger and during this very moment the hormone called oxytocin increases in the blood. This very hormone is also known as “Cuddling hormone” because it is released during close social encounters.

Our body is designed to play together, attraction is normal; love and attraction hormones in our body are set in a way that even if you try to reserve yourself, attraction is possible. It is next to impossible to reserve your hormonal reactions.

Woman body is very complex and very simple too. The undulating line of her body is a magic. They are connected as one of the whole stream. One is addressing the other. The visual breasts are addressing the responses in between the thighs.

In a study it is found that as nipples are stimulated then this sexual response reaches to the genitals part too. Breasts are not just visual pleasure for men only but a source of sexual pleasure for most women.

When we talk about breasts and female the subject of pornography can’t be untouched. They have exploited the idea of bigger breasts as more revealing and enticing for men.

Hugh Hefner in his famous magazine Playboy often came up with his interest and love for big breasts and 7 times pin up girl Pamela Anderson got cover print.

Men are visual driven beings. They are instrumented to love breasts. It is not just the new fondness but from the history of Paleolithic cave art time dating back 35,000 years there too we found portrays of naked women with enormous hips and breasts. The love for breasts is very old and as old as the human civilization started.

So have no guilt if you are a breasts lover and graze at breasts once in a day. If more than that and making it public then it can be dangerous too. Enjoy!!!

Why do women like to be fooled?


Last night I was at a party that had a good number of beautiful females. I was at a corner sipping my beer and looking at the loveliest women, young, beautiful and stunning.

The most exciting thing about most of them was that they were there on their own and not with their husbands as if they planned to enjoy this party as any ladies’ hangout party.

Often party starts with flattery smiles and lovely hugs. Indeed, I feel impressed and feel to pat my back: Bravo! You also know a few of the loveliest beauties.

No matter what they say or whisper party night is full of noises, drinks and so hug is one thing that soon accounts for the modesty.

In such an angle’s night with happy faces and glistering eyes, my attention was naturally moving from one to another.

The magical dance floor with beautiful legs on move, hips spinning with side to side and back and forth movements and slim hands floating like smoke.

Everything was enticing and captivating.

Some women are definitely the ones that men are praying for. A pretty girl knows the best who can follow her after one wink.

These lovely women are beautiful and strong (in both senses of the word) they have helped such parties to be alive, lovely and drinks more intoxicating.

These women inspire and encourage men to speak out their heart. I know they see the positivity in their words and happily smile in response. But there are some noted facts I’d hereby like to share with you lovely women and you should remember them by heart like any bed time story:

  • Men say thing which they don’t mean.

Men have a lovely heart which they love sharing by words mostly before the lovely girls.

Men are generally not very careful about their flowery words.

It is like a throwing pebble into a silent lake without caring about its after effects.

Trusting and not trusting their words is your dear choice but your innocent days can get ruined if you sadly learn that men are like this only and they share their words with every woman they pass.

  • Men know your biggest secret:

Women have weakness for flowery words and love to imprint them on their heart. That really makes a woman a mysterious character, hard to understand and difficult to cope with.

As the words of a man hit the heart of a woman, the beautiful girl is in love.

Love is a beautiful connection between the two souls but no hurry!

Helen Rowland, an American Journalist says: “When a man makes a woman his wife, it’s the highest compliment he can pay, and usually the last.”

  • Men can play with your flaws:

Weakness is just a trick to manipulate someone and obviously everyone has them. But why on earth would these lovely damsels like to be tricked?

It is always wise to focus on your strength and let alone your weakness.

But why on the Earth do they want to be superlative? And comparison just makes them feel out of their mind. Two women become jealous and then mostly harsh words are thrown on others due to jealousy and comparison.

Holly Black says: “Whatever you love, that is your weakness. “

  • What men words mean actually:

Men’s words spoken about the beauty of a woman are like an average pickup line.

Beauty is the ultimate gift which is more feminine and attributes to her nature, kindness and gentleness and not just the smoothness of her skin or anything with her voice.

Men are just trying to convey rightly to them that they are beautiful, adorable and they want to be in love. It is open letter to invite women’s attention.

Now the ball is at your side, my dear lovely angels, it’s up to you to decide how you want them to be: as your admirer, lover, and husband or just accept their word as a compliment.