Strength vs Weakness

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Strength versus weakness is a fight which causes a continuous commotion in mind. It seems that it is in our DNA that we try to equate and work to adjust to the environment and when we fail our frustration shoots up. Our society programs us to be like others and due to this it never allows us to accept us as we are. We know our strength which is enough to go ahead in life, but we work on our weakness to drive it to a level of satisfaction. But it is a myth that we can change our weakness into the strength. We can’t be at the best at what we are not. We are what our environment and heredity has made us and following them we have reached the level of what we are today. If weakness is there let it be there but work on your strength, make it stronger. Let your strength speak in your personality. No matter how harder we work on our weaknesses but there is no guaranty that our weakness will not come forth at the time of need. Better work so hard on the strength that people will accept you with all your weaknesses.

But our entire system is there to make us fight and the best way to make us fight is to point out our weaknesses. Then we are always fighting within, always working to improve the weakness and wasting our best possibility to be excellent in something which is part of our dream, which we really want to be and which we can be.

This fight is a trick that makes you a mediocre.

In fact, this world is full of mediocre and average people. Our society runs and balances itself through these types of people so they throw their ideas on others in order to make others like them and the result is always a frustrating and self-complaining life. It is always better to know your strength and spend more time and energy to develop it and make it stronger. In fact, strength means the right investment of your time and energy on your personal interest.

Rob Liano rightly says – “No one can discover you until you do. Exploit your talents, skills and strengths and make the world sit up and take notice.”

It is always good to follow the path where you are naturally good. It means you are good at the thing which is part of your soul. For example, as a writer you can have many weaknesses and strengths. You can be good at writing one thing but weak in another.  If your dialogues are at the best but may not be so equally good in narrating a situation. Don’t waste your time in improving it, it will improve with time, but work so hard on your strength that reader will fail to drop your book and read everything without thinking that it can be written in any other way. Be that sure, work that hard.

Increase Your Productivity

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Human beings are a big pack of emotions and to keep them fresh and good is always a challenge but they are always hiding the growth in your life. I always value optimization of your time for the best results and productivity which help you grow and succeed in life. I really want to say success doesn’t mean earning a fat salary or creating a business empire but how you start your day and at the end how satisfaction rumbles in your mind and makes you sleep sound and wakes you fresh to begin your big day with a good start.

Anger – This world is full of idiots and avoiding them is sometime a challenge, so you just throw your anger at them, tell them they are idiots. But do you think it will solve anything? Idiots will remain the ones they have chosen to be but unfortunately you will miss your good time by wasting it on waste. Better practice to ignore them. In fact these idiots give you a good practice in ignoring them because they are everywhere, in your office, in your room and needless to say you yourself are a big idiot because you sometime value yourself a lot and start coaching others and giving list of ought to dos and don´ts. Stop this and stop wasting your time with anger. Better ignore it.

Preconceive notion – I agree, anything takes time to become a notion and once becomes it rents deep into your heart and then you will always follow your notion and it will always guide you to decisions about anyone and needless to say you will throw your anger at everyone and spoil your good mood. Better ignore it.

Crying at failure– Don’t give yourself into crying about anything that you missed because so many good things are waiting to draw your attention. If you miss one thing, wait for another and in the mean while prepare yourself better.

Back Stabber – As this world is full of idiots so the same goes for back stabbers. If you closely look at this set of two words – back and stabber then you will truly understand that it means be careful with the people who are closer to you and here you feel you have a world too full of people. Well, you can’t push people away, so you´d better avoid. Always trust; if you have the ability you will find ways for yourself and just keep working and try to work better.

Bygone days – It is not necessary that you have only good memories and most of the time we get invaded by bad memories and incidences that poison the present. Better let the bygones be bygones and keep present as a gift for you.

Known future – It is always easy to say don’t think too much about future but we know it well all our planning is meant for the future. Our program is scheduled for future only and this works as a trap and we start to think and live in the future. Most of the time, if not always, we overlook a few important things in present and our future planning falls down as a house of cards.

Panic button raised – I know I can call it another way also but I am calling it panic button raised because your mind is buzzing, ringing as you are obsessed and waiting for it to happen and it is not happening as you want. For example – you are waiting for a reply from any company and keep on checking your inbox and  you failed to concentrate whole day long.

Untamed emotion of sadness – sadness is what every corner is ready to bounce at you. You are like a defeated, helpless soldier feeling morose at the financial loss, your girlfriend becomes your ex, your future line of action is proven faulty, people don’t like you, someone dear just passed away.  There can be several reasons but the most difficult challenge is to overcome it and start afresh and don’t allow this sadness to rent long within your heart as then you find yourself helpless to tame your sad emotion.

As a writer, a job seeker – employee like many I try to keep these points in my mind and I definitely work at it and I find soon that I get time to relax and work extra for my growth. Hope you too try.

The Passion Cloud

The Passion Cloud

Heart is a king of emotions and emotions that write poetry. Emotions like love are very prominent in poetry that no wonder soon love follows the pang of separation and then a melodrama occurs or final rejection. However apart from these range of emotions there comes very important range of emotion such as fear, depression, loneliness, life and its unfathomable experiences, ghost and the purpose of life and et al.

Our outer world always influence our inner world and here is the place of undercurrent that is nothing but the surfeit of emotion that often make poetry as a closer subject to the heart. The beauty of this rich world attract to itself no matter a beautiful woman or man or anything however the inner world struggles stops you and this fear to know the unknown and the fear from unknown make a interplay of emotions which we call it as experience of life and that make an expression of life in a piece of paper as poetry. It is a recuse and recluses of life where poetry give power to store emotions in words.

Poetry doesn’t make only words beautiful but also make life easier and heart touching word as a Good Samaritan and psychopath. Here in the collection of poem – the passion cloud you will have this wonder.

Rising From The Area Of Darkness


Life is not just about living, breathing but also growing spiritually, with your memories, experiences and recognizing the presence of God and wondering how He makes his story.  Each time He is with us but in the humdrum of this life people have become so busy and have become such nosy parkers, who are always ready to see, talk and make each story spicier, too spicy to bear that hiding from them seems as a big challenge of this life.

We are living in such society where man-made things are much more important than the God made things, where Money has become so important that it seems that earning money seems as the only reason left to survive.

Radika Rao, a woman who like us has many areas of darkness in her life, dares to go deep into her conscience and from there she reproduces a story, a picture of our society that has some eyes opening realities.

In this world where money has become a magic, where relation gradually started to sound like an empty word and where a son is ready to go to any extent to get money, where mother is fighting to survive and set her life free from her own son, whereas a woman she has not found a place of expression and begs to dump all in the area of darkness.  It becomes very important to get your head from your sorrowful breasts and see the star naked realities of life and cruel face behind the smooth mask of relationship. Then it becomes important to tell your personal story so world can feel the need to change and rise from the area of darkness and make life beautiful.

Help Needs Time

“Everyone has their own crosses to bear.” I said this to myself. It was a really long day and I needed some rest. I was sitting in a garden near my office feeling unhinged due to office’s small- small struggle. It was evening and the sun was mild and falling over the green grass and plants making them more beautiful. After a short while I started enjoying the natural beauty that spread around me. Tall trees were standing straight in a row at the four corners of the garden. The green bed of grass was everywhere and at some corners a row was made for ornamental plants to grow. A few iron and cemented benches were positioned here and there. In fact I occupied one of the benches. It was a good feeling to sit here for a while after the long day in the office.

Suddenly two people who were talking while walking in my direction drew my attention. They sat down on a nearby bench. They were quite audible to me even from a distance. One man said: “I am sick of working here. The whole day phone-calling team makes call and along with them I need to do my writing job. It is a torture of its own kind. My job requires peace but there is none. Each month there are some unwanted expenses and my small salary keeps my mind distracted. I can no longer work at this salary in such noisy office and fueling my problem my manager is always after my life. I told him to increase my salary or I will have to leave.”

I beg to smile while thinking that no one is happy with the manager. In fact manger is also not happy with his meetings and higher management. Unhappiness has chain reaction.

Second one corrected him: “Don’t say this so openly. You have 365 days to prove yourself but manger has only one day to write about you and that can ruin all your long efforts.”

“No, when I joined, HR showed me rosy pictures but after joining I find that there are no roses only thorns. So horrifying.”

“That is why I am forcing you to stretch yourself some more and work for our magazine. You have worked for me for one year and it is possible that I may start paying you soon.”

“I agree, I worked for you without any intention of getting paid but now I don´t have time. I am working so long in office and when I return home I don’t feel to see my laptop for any work purpose.”

Sitting on this bench, I suddenly felt, I was getting involved in their talk and again getting the same arid feeling of office. Mostly every organization has similar stories as the one I am facing. It is better if I take a brisk walk now and tone up respiratory system. I walked till I was perspired enough. I felt to sit again on a bench.

I found many people came there for evening walk by then. I saw them sitting there while talking. I felt curious to go near them and listen to them. I found one was only listening silently and other was speaking. He was frustrated. He was saying there was no article in his hands and very soon new month was coming.

Slowly the silent man said: “I told you I don’t have time to write. Company has sucked my blood, consumed all my energy. When I go home I just want to sleep. I need time to start afresh. I have to either prove or switch.”

I don’t know what happened but that another man suddenly turned emotional. He was telling him: “We have worked together for one long year. We attained several parties. We took interviews there. People liked our work. Some PR agencies showed their interest in us. Now you are withdrawing. I will pay you. Trust me.”

That man showed his helplessness.

“I can pay you. We are doing well. I know you have problems but we can try. I will give you what you are earning now but you have to work as I say.”

“Why don’t you understand every other person in the office has ideas but not money to support them? You asked for help. I helped you for free. I live in an unknown city, with no help; it is hard to go like this any longer.”

This man was frustrated too. Next man looked at him for some time then left him while saying I will come to you when I will have money.

I saw the man going and soon he disappeared. Second man was there without a word. I wanted to talk with him but some reservation of thought stopped me.

I saw soon the other man also walked away. It was now dusk. Lights were on in the garden and atmosphere was calm. I felt to ask myself “can he pay?” Sure I know when milk is for free then why someone would buy a cow.

life changes with patience

Henry Wadsworth once said, “For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain.” Fighting against it is just like adding salt to your injuries. Drop this struggle and save your energy and live in peace.

Human relationship is always a subject of change and knowing this fact is intelligence and skill. Situations of life trap us at a point where it seems very natural to react and fight to change but mostly we end up hurting ourselves without learning the silent message of life. In no way I am telling you not to try to change which you don’t like in your life. All I am saying is to act and not to react.

Let me explain this to you with an example. Suppose you get a job in a company which is very good and it meets all your requirements and you are happy there but on the other hand you find your co-workers are not at all good to you. They laugh at you. They make you a subject of mockery and they often find fault in your work and in your talk and laugh at you.  In fact such situation is very common in corporate because people need to pass time and have fun in their life so they want someone to make fun of. It is a pain for you to adjust and a double whammy if you react. You know well that you will be alone and no one will understand you and everyone will pooh pooh you. And at last you will not get the help which you require from your team mates and your survival will be difficult within the organization. Such situation is in fact a true test of your patience and personality. You know you can’t stop others and your managers will not also interfere much then you know well where you should focus, only on calendar. As you gain some experience other company will hire you. You will get yourself free against all odds and you will learn that time never take long to change.

This simple understanding of the situation and accepting it can help you start afresh in life.  Osho had once said: Live in this world with all its nuances but be detached.

Of course, we are carnal beings and it is hard to be detached but some circumstances, places and time make you learn to let go and gradually acceptance follows and you learn to forgive. Here, at the point of forgiveness I like to be clearer that you can’t forgive and forget until you have not completely taken yourself out from those odds. It will remain deep in you like your bone and flesh and push your reactionary force to react every now and then. But never forget that such situations always bring great changes in man’s life. If you are non-reactive and wait patiently for the right moment then your life will certainly move into a positive direction and towards better future.

I am not telling you something bookish. I am trying to tell you which experience has taught me. Einstein once said, “Out of clutter, find simplicity; from discord, find harmony; in the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.”

A night at J One Party

“Make Yourself.” This is the first learning of Shelley Mehta from her Entrepreneur father. She is a Canadian born Indian who did her schooling mostly from Canada and has travelled the world. She says “My first learning started at my very young age when my father told me to know myself and make myself.” And she further added that she found that she had an intense interest in hospitality industry. She says “Hospitality is the industry where I learn to meet different minds and I learn how one reacts with their emotions. ” Continue reading A night at J One Party