Why people cheat


There can be a long debate on this topic and many things can be unearthed but the fact that men cheat is unfortunately not going to change. They do it knowing everything in advance: that soon he will be caught and face hot water relationship with wife or girlfriend.

Cheating is actually a habit which starts at very early age with things like eating fruits from the neighbor’s tree without their permission and supporting this practice by logic that such fruits are sweeter than the one brought from the market.

This logic is what beguiles everything. You learn to set wrong logic in life and soon you walk on a path that never allows you to return back to your home only because your logic made a heart burn, aches and pains to your partner and nothing left at its place.

There is something in the society that first promotes bad things. Media houses go with the same logic and soon you learn all bad things and take everything for granted. You learn to use mathematic to hook someone.

If you are calculating everything and then making your moves then you are a hooker and nothing else. This hooking business is like fishing. You are like a fisher man who hooks fish by placing before them on a hook what fish likes. There is no romance. There is no love.

When you find a girlfriend whom you have fished only by speaking what sounds fine and like a silly fish she fell on your net that can never mean love in the true sense of the word. It is pure math; no chemistry of love could be possible.

The moment you try to speak the truth or she tries to listen to the truth, the outer covering of intimacy will soon get threatened. There is a big percentage of couples who are living their long life without actual love, just with pretension of love.

Love is actually not something so small and so weak that your wife will not understand why really you need something or someone. If you really need she will let you have no matter how much it can cost her.

That freedom to let you have is her faith in you, in her love for you. It is nowhere her weakness but her strength to love you and that love is purely unconditional and such love will never let you go far away from her. You will return no matter how.

The same goes with the husband too; if he loves you unconditionally he will let you go. It will be a pain. It will be the end of his life, biological or emotional but he will allow you to go but at the same time beg you never to do this.

Each step which you taking away from him or her is a pain and if knowing this all you are still going then be careful. You are going away from your heaven. You will soon realize where you are headed to and where you should be because no heart can love you so much.

In today’s life, people are living fast life and need everything readymade. Most people took the wrong set of examples and misguide themselves and miss true love over the attraction of skin.

Cheating is like plucking a fruit without permission, without the knowledge of the actual owner and so it gives so much excitement to the children in eating but believe me no matter who you are or how strong you are at the end you learn this simple lesson that the fruit of love is the sweetest one and rest is just waste.

Some remain a child throughout their life and a few lucky ones learn before it is too late.

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