Pleasure business

Drive your focus away from Porn


Men have one toy that works the hardest but earns the best pleasure which body and mind always crave to experience. It is the pleasure of sexual penetration. In fact, human is programmed in such a way that he always fantasizes; if not knowingly then unknowingly. Human body responses very positively towards sex but what if his toy, Penis, refuses to perform well? Then it is really hard to image the havoc about sterile life.

Science says it is natural that we think about sex and get erection. It is a wonderful idea to help mind to think more about it as it can give us more pleasure. Pornography which is also a visual sexual stimuli (VSS) gives you a best time to boost your mind with more pleasure but it also makes you to jerk off which is leading to a serious cases of erectile dysfunctions.

Now it is found that masturbating too much is actually an addiction. It makes us having habit of premature ejaculation which is bad for both the parties.

As we know Penis has 4000 nerves ending so it gives the best pleasure at ejaculation but as the cup gets over spilled then mind remains in state of more pleasure and body denies to support. Normally this gap is naturally bridged by itself but in the presence of pornography situation gets worsened.

Dr. Elizabeth Waterman, a psychologist at Morningside Recovery Center in Newport California, explains “When people start watching porn, there is a huge flood of dopamine in the brain. Over time, the receptors that were once very sensitive become less sensitive, and normal physical intimacy does not produce enough dopamine to stimulate the dopamine receptors.”

Honestly speaking, it is the worst experience as if you have a gun not loaded to fire. The real purpose of having a gun is missing. The best sensation and throbbing will be missing.  Then what will be left? Our brain will be empty without pleasure and body will be too weak to respond.

This situation is created only by our habit as we fail to stop and restrain ourselves from the influence and excessive use of pornography which has now trained our mind and body to respond sexually only to very specific types of visual and tactile stimuli.

This is a trap and we get hooked into it by our desire to feel stimulation, to feel the pleasure, and feel the excitement that can leverage the best work for which our toy is made and trained.

There is nothing like – watching porn for the first time can lead to this problem of ED. It is a condition that starts to back fire your life, work and social and sex life. Everything starts slowly but gradually it becomes habit.

According to Dr. Waterman cure is simple. Stop watching and resist the temptation to jerk. Soon within 3 months or so you will be fine.

I agree, it is not easy to break the habit and stop and resist the temptation. After all that is a big vein of sexual stimulation and pleasure and that is why it is definitely difficult.

In order to make life better and enjoy life more one has to drive focus away. It is not just to drive focus away only for three months but forever. Otherwise the same condition will soon prevail.

After all, when pleasure combines with sexual fantasy then things do not take much time to go uncontrolled. Porn has become a big game changer in our society. It is in everyday life.  And needless to say many families are facing shame due to Erectile Dysfunction.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Never forget that our brain is connected with spinal cord and spinal nerves which are finally connected with our penis so more jerk off can cause misbalance and lead to ED.

Porn is ruining us

untitled-infographicNow everyone knows that marriage promises us a happy life with sex that has intimacy and respect for one another. It also helps parents to set good example for their children. A happy married life is where no one has complains from others and each one is happy. This is an ideal kind of marriage we all expect but this idea soon vanishes in most lives. We know human body has its own demands and getting the right amount keeps everything at its place. Definitely love, care, intimacy, trust etc. play an important role in building a healthy relationship.

This new gift of technology called porn on internet is somehow spoiling the good elements of a healthy relationship. The excess use of porn keeps the mind filled with images that make our bedroom life dull, boring and somehow the relation suffers. I am not saying by any means that men are watching; no, a survey conducted by National coalition for the protection of Children and Families says: 40% are women.

Another survey conducted by American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers says: 56% of divorces cases are coming only because one party is having obsession for porn. And another survey says that 68% divorce cases are coming due to one partner meeting a new person through internet.

Stats are revealing that situation is running from bad to worst and we must be open to discuss the effect of porn and where it is leading us. It is really important to come out of the shell and understand that world is watching us. It is no more as we think that I am watching porn on my laptop or mobile and world does not know what I am doing. It is spoiling our brain, our relation and setting wrong examples for children.

A survey conducted by which says: The average of our kids exposure to porn is 11 years and the largest consumer of pornography are in the age of 12 to 17 years.

Pornographic is a addiction. It controls our mind and makes us belief in what they are offering. We know that what we are seeing is not real. There is a world of difference between what we are watching and what actually happens but we are so much obsess with this idea of sex that we stop to differentiate and incur loses.

Pornography is around 57 billion dollar industry as what Top Ten review says. It has only grown so big as industry because we miss to understand the difference. Each day it is growing. It is spreading around us like a drug and leaving its effect on us like a drug. We are slave of its use. We are losing our family and respect for one another. We are seeing everyone from the narrow sense of excitement and we are making an individualist society there a human need to swallow porn as drugs.

Porn is dangerous for health


Today digital world has made everything at our finger tips. Sensuous pleasure is something that human is mad to find and getting this in digital world has become very easy. And this easy access is making disturbance in our life too. Early exposure to sex is getting worst these days.

Actually it is high time to get rational and understand. Porn has got induced in our life in such a way that it is actually crossing its limits and men are becoming its slave. There is powerful lust dragging us toward the virtual world and upgraded technology is making it more dangerous.

Men’s toy which is also his pleasure toy works too much to earn the best pleasure but too much of anything is dangerous.  Mind captures those images within and toy is ready to jerk off. This situation is causing problems in social, personal and professional life.

Pornography which is also known as visual sexual stimuli (VSS) keeps men in fantasy but there is always a limit. Just think for a minute what if it refused to erect and perform well then it is really hard to image the havoc about the sterile life. Porn is causing a serious problem and our young generation is now flooded with problems like erectile dysfunction.

It has been found that masturbating too much is actually an addiction but it’s worsened by pornography.  “When people start watching porn, there is a huge flood of dopamine in the brain,” explains Dr. Elizabeth Waterman, a psychologist at Morningside Recovery Center in Newport California. “Over time, the receptors that were once very sensitive become less sensitive, and normal physical intimacy does not produce enough dopamine to stimulate the dopamine receptors.” In other words, we are training our mind and body to respond sexually only to very specific types of visual and tactile stimuli.

According to Dr. Waterman, there is nothing like this number can cause this kind of problem. But there is a condition – if it has started to back fire your life, work, social life or sex life (i.e. ED, then the cure is simple. Stop watching those and resist the temptation to jerk. Soon within 3 months or so you will be fine. “Some people’s brains reach homeostasis [or, physiological equilibrium] much quicker,” Dr. Waterman explains. “Time is your best friend when it comes to reestablishing homeostasis in the brain.”

It is always wise to get your brain away from these porn materials and keeps your bedroom stories young forever. As per Psychology today long hours of porn lead to compulsive desire to jerk off and heavy jerking can lead to ED and a sad wife and family ties are getting lose due to this.

Porn is influencing our life


Recently I was having a word with an editor of a magazine who wants to take her magazine to gain some extra mileage with some real bold stuff on love, sex, relationship. So going ahead I added porn and she immediately corrected me that it is too bold.

Well, some boldness is still considered prude but new study says everyone watches porn. Then why is it considered too bold as a subject to be published in a magazine? I was in tug of my own thought and she told me that it’s because her magazine is family magazine.

Thumbs up to those days when there was no issue in love, sex and relationship and if something occurred then it all ended within the four walls of the room. Now even bedroom subjects are on face of the magazine and people learn to make love by reading. Our magazines are littered with tips about sex. Then what stops them to write on porn?

With technologies our world is changing. We are shifting from reading to watching. Gone are the days when cheesy things were at the front page of the magazine and those magazines were read in the bathroom. Now they are on our mobile, tablet and laptop.

If we really want to educate ourselves or get information, then we must know that study says that Pornography use increases the risk of marital infidelity by more than 300%. Should we not come out of our shell and to talk about this in open and really help people?

In our culture it is assumed that the actual sex life starts only after marriage and it wouldn’t be ridiculous to say that it is considered as an electric switch which is after marriage set on and before it is obviously always set on off mode, so pornographic materials are the best and most easily available source to be educated.

This new techno-culture is giving everyone an equal opportunity to tutor themselves. This new generation is the first generation of internet porn operators. This new technology age is bombarding us with 6000 videos each year. Some study says that in every 39 minutes a porn film is made in the U.S. Around 28,258 internet viewers are viewing pornography every second.  When viewing pornography becomes an addiction, 40% of sex addicts lose their spouses, 58 % suffer considerable financial losses and about a third loses their jobs. And The United States is the top producer of pornographic web pages by far with 244,661,900 pages or 89 percent. A study says that from 2,500 university and college students polled across Canada, 87% are having sex over instant messenger, webcams or telephone.

One can think about any kind of dark fantasy story in his mind and its videos are just a click of his mouse. Porn is as if providing you a sexual partner without offering you a physical touch but its influence on your mind is so powerful that it is adding a masturbatory aid for your well-being. It is providing a guilt free sex.

Well, keeping my finger crossed, I beg to ask who really would like to come forward to open a word on this matter. Parents consider that they are watching on their mobile, tablet and laptop and none knows about this and the same is with the kids. They all want to live like a cat and close their eyes as if none is seeing anything.

Sex is a complicated subject to talk about but when the dinosaurs like porn are before us then we have to think and get ourselves out from the thought of our dinosaurs’ old system of learning about sex. Better learn the best from the best possible source and bring these subjects into open.