35 Amazing Benefits of Peanuts for Skin, Hair & Health


Groundnuts are most commonly used as roasted snacks in India. It is one of the important foods in the kitchen. It is available throughout the year in India. It is full of vital nutrients and it is a cashew nut for the poor.

Health benefits of peanuts:

  1. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients and anti-oxidants so it gives more energy source.
  2. It helps to control bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in the body. It contains mono-unsaturated fatty acids especially oleic acid that prevents coronary diseases.
  3. It is full of proteins and the amino acids found in the groundnuts are very important for proper growth and development of the body.
  4. It has high concentration of Poly-phenolic anti-oxidants. P-Coumaric acid reduces the production of carcinogenic nitrous-amines that reduce the risk of stomach cancer.
  5. The anti-oxidant resveratrol increases the production of nitric oxide that prevents heart strokes.
  6. It has poly-phenolic anti-oxidant that prevents heart diseases, cancers, nervous diseases and viral or fungal infections.
  7. In several parts of India peanuts are boiled – 2 fold increases the Biochanin A and 4 times increases Genistein content. It also reduces the damage done by free radicals.
  8. It has Vitamin E that helps maintaining the integrity of cells of mucous membrane and the skin.
  9. It has B complex, vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, pantothenic and several others.
  10. It has potassium, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium and Zinc which are very important minerals for the proper function of the body.
  11. It reduces the risk of gall stones and gallbladder disease by 25%.
  12. It helps with controlling weight. Study says that woman who eats peanuts or peanut butter at least twice a week is less likely to suffer from obesity.
  13. It reduces the risk of colon cancer especially in women by 58% and in men up to 27%.
  14. If a pregnant woman eats peanuts then the chances of baby to be born with serious neural tube defects is reduced by 70%.
  15. It helps with controlling the blood sugar levels.
  16. It has Tryptophan which increases the release of the chemical called serotonin and due to low serotonin levels people get depression.
    Benefits of Peanuts for skin:
  17. It helps in the disorders like Psoriasis and eczema
  18.  It has fatty acid that reduces swelling of skin redness.
  19. It has Vitamin E, Zinc and magnesium that fights the bacteria and keeps the skin glowing.
  20. It has protein that helps in cell regeneration.
  21. It has fatty acids which are critical to the brain nerve cells.
  22. Fatty acids help some brain friendly cells that help in controlling stress management and mood swings to prevent various skin disorders like wrinkles, fine lines and dullness.
  23. It helps with releasing the toxins and waste from the body. Toxins in body cause breakout, dullness and excess oil.
  24. It has magnesium that calms our nerves, muscles and blood vessels to provide better blood flow in the skin.
  25. It has Vitamin E that defends the skin’s cells against damage of oxidative stress.
  26. It protects us from harsh UV rays of the sun to protect skin against sun burn and damages.
  27. It has Vitamin C which is required for the production of collagen. It is important for the tendons skin and cartilage. It provides firmness and elasticity to the skin to keep it young and supple.
  28. It has Beta carotene, an anti-oxidant which is important for your skin’s health. It is converted into vitamin A in the body which helps in the growth and repair of the body tissues.
  29. It helps to heal wounds and bruises at a faster pace.
  30. It has Omega 3 Fatty acids that help our skin in several ways. It lowers the risk of skin cancer. It moisturizes and hydrates the skin from within to treat dry and scaly skin.
  31. It helps with treating skin problems like pustules, skin rashes and rosacea.
  32. It can also be used as peanut butter facial mask.
    Benefits of Peanuts for Hair:
  33. It has Omega 3 Fatty acids that strengthen scalp health and hair follicles to promote hair growth.
  34. It has larginine, an amino acid that helps with treatment of male baldness and to encourage the growth of healthy hair.
  35. It makes strong hair by maintaining proper level of vitamin E that ensures rich supply of healthy hair.


Eat good amount of ground nuts every day and give your food a good amount of Vitamins and minerals and other vital elements that are essentials for our body.

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