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Riders Hub


Gurgaon MH8 has now become a bastion of food innovation. This long area is now mushroomed with some of the best bars and restaurants. Right from the Ambiance mall, Leela hotel, Oberoi and Trident hotel, cyber Hub till Winston, Ficco Chowk you can have one of the best culinary experiences unlike in any other place in Gurgaon.


After working the whole day long I often feel to experience the fine dining and that takes me to this area. (Actually it is not very far from my dwelling either.) I get an urge to eat out at Riders Hub which is nestled opposite to cyber hub and next to Income tax building.


Riders hub is a part of Pind Bulluchi family however Riders Hub has emerged from a very different and unique theme and concept. As you step in – particularly to Rider Hub at MH8 on the left you can find a fine green longue fenced with white and some ornamental plants that give you the best view. At their entrance door there are two dummies – Royal Enfield Bullet and a bike with four seats. It is definitely a nice attraction for taking photos.


Pind Bulluchi has a concept of traditionally attired Sardar Ji, which means sitting in a Manji (traditional cot) whereas Rider’s Hub is focusing on young energetic bikers or riders who have passion and energy for traveling and seeing life and cities as a passerby and capture the best memories. Following this idea they have Continental, Chinese and Indian cuisine whereas Pind Bulluchi has only Indian cuisine, mainly north Indian. Rider Hub also has a bar facility.


Enduring your time in the ambience of Riders Hub restaurant is a very nice experience. Here you are sitting in the opulence of green lounge in the modern decor of the restaurant and there you have the fragrance of multi cuisine and love for your taste.


The idea of having Chinese, Continental and Indian food from the finest chef is always fun.  Here we can relish the fine soup made from fresh vegetables, spices and served at the right temperature. They have non-vegetarian soups too. I prefer vegetarian soup only. You can choose here right from the Tomato to Corn soups and much more. That increases our appetite.


Salad is one of the very important intakes that provides a good amount of roughage and helps the digestion so it is a must but when it receives a special attention of the finest chef then fun of eating salad becomes a better reason.


With the change of urban life our lifestyle is changing and our preferences are making changes in taste and flavor and that has certainly altered our menu line. We have become more foodie and certainly have grown our food choices with the availability of international cuisine and its flavors. Chef prepares salads and its dressing with olive oil which surely has the influence of Continental cuisine.


That is the one reason I love Riders Hub. They provide you the best combination of eastern and western cuisine. They really focus on the best cuisine experience. It is really one of the best places to hang out. I must say it’s an excellent experience for me.


With the advent of chilling winter it is really unique and nice to sit with the family in the green lounge having heater and barbeque near and enjoying the best vegetarian and non- vegetarian delicacies prepared by an experienced chef and served with elegance which adds to the best experience for those who love to make memories of fine dining.


I love to spend my time here and it is the best hang out place for those of you searching for a culinary experience. Riders hub, (next to in- tax building) is in fact a lovely place and you will love this place and its quiet ambience.


It is open from morning till late night. The interior of this restaurant will remind you about its minimalist. You can see bike parts hanging on the walls and that really makes you feel that this place is a heaven for riders and bike lovers.


Their menu cards also have lovely bike photos on the left and with the food items at nominals rates on the right side.


Your order here does not take much time in coming before your fork. They can make your food spicier or light as per your taste preferences. As I don’t like chili much I tell them to keep it light however I have noticed food is not very spicy here. Or maybe they know better my preferences.


During winter I love to start with their starter such as Dahi ke kabab which is very healthy and one of the Lucknow’s very popular dishes. I love to eat here Panner Tikka, Hara bhara Kabab, Malai Panner Tikka, Bharawan Mushroom and Veg seek kabab. They have provided a fusion of oriental and continental veg and non veg starters.


They have one assorted kebab Platter for someone like me who loves a lot to eat his starter ball. The view of the platter makes my mouth watery and my belly hungrier.


For the main course you can of course have the best European, Chinese and Indian cuisines. When I first came here I went with our traditional plate of Kadhai Paneer and Butter naan and Caser salad. I still remember as I was a bit shaky about my order the restaurant manager Mr. Mukesh helped me in sorting out my order.


The flavor of the fresh Paneer balanced with the richness of the sinfully tender butter and semi –spicy ingredients went really well together. The food was executed perfectly, and the bright colors of the ingredients and presentation were a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.


There were a few desserts like Tila Kulfi, Gulab Jamun, Ice cream, Kheer and Rasmalai but having the hot Gulab Jamun after dinner is my favorite and it is simply divine thing.


I am sure your first visit will soon make Rider Hub the hottest place for eating and hangout in town for you. Don’t just eat here but have the finest memories here until the cow returns.

Food Truck is getting popular


It is a regular afternoon. It is sunny but wind is very chilling. I am walking along the row of restaurant on my both sides and I am feeling a little hungry and at the same time thinking about what to eat now. I have here restaurants like Hard Rock, Beer Café, Oh Calcutta, The wine Company and some nice dining restaurants. Suddenly I notice a food truck which is placed on a corner and drawing the attention of foodies.

Recently I have read about Vancouver food trucks as they have become very popular in Canada. Earlier government had allowed to have only one food truck and only if they were selling hot dogs. In 2005 they lifted the bylaw and allowed them in the city, but making sure the food truck meals are the best quality by making them go through vetting process.

The food truck is in fact a mini bus and people can see the kitchen all set within it and the offsite kitchen makes me more interested to eat there. I see people are making the kitchen busy.


As I am vegetarian so I select a Paneer Steak Burger and I am carefully watching how they are preparing it. I feel it is really good to watch how they are making and follow the hygiene standard.

I try to have a word with the manager Bhawani Trivedi. I get to know that he is ex HM student and he is in hospitality industry for last 20 years and he is propelling his passion for food and serving it with the best standard. He says this idea of food truck is getting very popular and getting into fashion.

He says: “We have five such food trucks and which are available in Gurgaon, Delhi, and Noida. These trucks allow 3 men to cook in each one of them and a driver. We mostly have fixed places for 5 days but on off days we shift to new locations like today we are in Gurgaon.”

I noted this man has made friends and people are making him busy every now and then. As he gets busy with others I enjoy my soft Paneer Burger and it is really very delicious in taste.


I really appreciate the taste. He says: “It is not very easy to make any vegetarian foodie happy as they are very particular about the taste.”

He asks me to taste their new Veg Kathi Wrap. It takes a little time to cook so we get to talk a little more.

Guava and its benefit

Guava is one of the best fruit and it is commonly available in different varieties such as the Chinese Guava, Strawberry, Lemon, Apple and Mountain Guava. In tropical regions, it grows throughout the year. When it is ripening its skin color turns from green to yellow and its flesh softens and it gets a fruity aroma. This is a fruit which is commonly seen in our house, mostly in small cities. Young people prefer to eat it when it is green. It means fruit is mature but not ripe. In other words, fruit has reached its optimum size and shape. When it ripens it turns into yellow and fruit gets softened and emits a wonderful guava fragrance. Guava is very beneficial for our body.



  1. Rich in Vitamin C:

It contains Vitamin C which helps in protecting our cells in our body.

  1. Lesser Diabetes Risk and Cleaned System:

It contains fibers which help with lowering blood sugar levels. It also helps with normal bowel movement and keeps digestive system clean.

  1. Eye Health Improvement:

It contains Vitamin A which is good for better eye sight.

  1. Folate Content:

It contains a mineral known as folate. It helps promote fertility in humans.

  1. Regulation of blood pressure levels:

It contains potassium which helps to normalize blood pressure levels. Potassium is found both in banana and guava.

  1. Trace Element Copper Enriched:

It contains copper which helps with maintaining proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Improper functioning of thyroid gland can cause a lot of health problems.

  1. Manganese Richness:

It contains manganese which helps the body to absorb other key nutrients from the food that we eat.

  1. Nervous Relaxant:

It contains magnesium which acts as a nervous relaxant. It helps to relax muscles and nerves of the body. So after a hard work out, you need to eat a guava – that will relax your muscles and give your system a nice energy boost.

  1. Healthy Mind:

It helps to keep your brain functions positive by maintaining good blood flow and also by infusing it with Vit B3 and Vit B6. Vit B6 is pyridoxine which is good for nerves. It keeps your nerves relaxed.



Guava: Skin Benefits


Guava is very important in skincare because it has vitamin C, antioxidants and carotene and all these are very beneficial for your skin. Cosmetic industry also uses it for face and body care lotions. The benefits of guava for skin are as follows.

  1. Improves Complexion:

Pink guava helps improving the complexion of your skin by providing more radiance and freshness. So it is also used in preparing a simple guava scrub at home.

  1. UV Protection:

Pink guavas are richer in lycopene than tomatoes. Lycopene is an antioxidant that protects your skin from damaging of UV rays and environmental pollution. A guava provides about 2.9 grams of lycopene.

  1. Anti-ageing Properties:

It contains vitamins A, B, C and potassium which are good antioxidants and detoxifiers. They fight free radicals, thus keeping your skin glowing and free from premature ageing.

  1. Natural Skin Toner:

It contains high concentration of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help with keeping your skin toned, fresh and wrinkle free. Guava is effective in enhancing skin texture, tightening the loosened skin and reviving lost elasticity of the skin.

  1. Treatment of Acne and Dark Spots:

Guava leaves are very useful in removing acne and dark spots. You need to make a smooth paste and apply it on the acne and dark spots. You can do this on daily basis.

  1. Skin Hydration:

Water is very important for our healthy skin. Guava is an excellent source of water as 81% of the fruit comprises of water. In this way, it also helps with keeping our hydrated.

  1. Treatment of Skin Problems:

A guava contains vitamin C which helps with generation of collagen, the substance that imparts firmness to the skin. It also provides about 1.4 micrograms of vitamin K which is 2% of the recommended daily value. This vitamin improves blood coagulation, impairment of which causes skin redness and irritation. This makes it beneficial in treating dark circles, spider veins, rosacea, acne irritation and spottiness of skin.

  1. Treatment of Blackheads and Skin Itchiness:

Take some guava leaves and prepare a paste with little water and apply it as a scrub on your nose to remove blackheads. Guava leaves can also rid you of skin itchiness as they contain allergy blocking compounds.


Guava: Hair Benefits

Guava is rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, copper, manganese, fiber, flavonoids and other phytochemicals. Thus, it is beneficial for healthy hair growth and maintenance.

  1. Combats Hair Loss:

As it is extremely rich in vitamin C, it is one of those fruits that promote healthy hair growth. It also helps in fighting hair loss problems.


35 Amazing Benefits of Peanuts for Skin, Hair & Health


Groundnuts are most commonly used as roasted snacks in India. It is one of the important foods in the kitchen. It is available throughout the year in India. It is full of vital nutrients and it is a cashew nut for the poor.

Health benefits of peanuts:

  1. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients and anti-oxidants so it gives more energy source.
  2. It helps to control bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in the body. It contains mono-unsaturated fatty acids especially oleic acid that prevents coronary diseases.
  3. It is full of proteins and the amino acids found in the groundnuts are very important for proper growth and development of the body.
  4. It has high concentration of Poly-phenolic anti-oxidants. P-Coumaric acid reduces the production of carcinogenic nitrous-amines that reduce the risk of stomach cancer.
  5. The anti-oxidant resveratrol increases the production of nitric oxide that prevents heart strokes.
  6. It has poly-phenolic anti-oxidant that prevents heart diseases, cancers, nervous diseases and viral or fungal infections.
  7. In several parts of India peanuts are boiled – 2 fold increases the Biochanin A and 4 times increases Genistein content. It also reduces the damage done by free radicals.
  8. It has Vitamin E that helps maintaining the integrity of cells of mucous membrane and the skin.
  9. It has B complex, vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, pantothenic and several others.
  10. It has potassium, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium and Zinc which are very important minerals for the proper function of the body.
  11. It reduces the risk of gall stones and gallbladder disease by 25%.
  12. It helps with controlling weight. Study says that woman who eats peanuts or peanut butter at least twice a week is less likely to suffer from obesity.
  13. It reduces the risk of colon cancer especially in women by 58% and in men up to 27%.
  14. If a pregnant woman eats peanuts then the chances of baby to be born with serious neural tube defects is reduced by 70%.
  15. It helps with controlling the blood sugar levels.
  16. It has Tryptophan which increases the release of the chemical called serotonin and due to low serotonin levels people get depression.
    Benefits of Peanuts for skin:
  17. It helps in the disorders like Psoriasis and eczema
  18.  It has fatty acid that reduces swelling of skin redness.
  19. It has Vitamin E, Zinc and magnesium that fights the bacteria and keeps the skin glowing.
  20. It has protein that helps in cell regeneration.
  21. It has fatty acids which are critical to the brain nerve cells.
  22. Fatty acids help some brain friendly cells that help in controlling stress management and mood swings to prevent various skin disorders like wrinkles, fine lines and dullness.
  23. It helps with releasing the toxins and waste from the body. Toxins in body cause breakout, dullness and excess oil.
  24. It has magnesium that calms our nerves, muscles and blood vessels to provide better blood flow in the skin.
  25. It has Vitamin E that defends the skin’s cells against damage of oxidative stress.
  26. It protects us from harsh UV rays of the sun to protect skin against sun burn and damages.
  27. It has Vitamin C which is required for the production of collagen. It is important for the tendons skin and cartilage. It provides firmness and elasticity to the skin to keep it young and supple.
  28. It has Beta carotene, an anti-oxidant which is important for your skin’s health. It is converted into vitamin A in the body which helps in the growth and repair of the body tissues.
  29. It helps to heal wounds and bruises at a faster pace.
  30. It has Omega 3 Fatty acids that help our skin in several ways. It lowers the risk of skin cancer. It moisturizes and hydrates the skin from within to treat dry and scaly skin.
  31. It helps with treating skin problems like pustules, skin rashes and rosacea.
  32. It can also be used as peanut butter facial mask.
    Benefits of Peanuts for Hair:
  33. It has Omega 3 Fatty acids that strengthen scalp health and hair follicles to promote hair growth.
  34. It has larginine, an amino acid that helps with treatment of male baldness and to encourage the growth of healthy hair.
  35. It makes strong hair by maintaining proper level of vitamin E that ensures rich supply of healthy hair.


Eat good amount of ground nuts every day and give your food a good amount of Vitamins and minerals and other vital elements that are essentials for our body.

30 Benefits of Hing

Asafoetida (Hing) is an ancient Indian spice. It is extracted from the taproot of a perennial herb called Ferula. It is not only used as a spice only but also for medicinal purposes.Ferula grows to a height of 1-1.5 meters. It is mainly cultivated in India.




  • It helps with gas problems. Take a cup of buttermilk, mix it with a pinch of asafoetida and drink. Instead or buttermilk you can use lukewarm water.
  • It helps to cure indigestion.
  • It helps to soothe stomach ache caused by indigestion.
  • It helps in dealing with Hysteria when inhaled.
  • To heal tension and migraine headaches mix one teaspoon of asafoetida with dried ginger, camphor and two spoons of tailed pepper (cubeb),  add some milk and make a paste and apply on the forehead.
  • It helps with sexual problems like premature ejaculation, spermatorrhoea.
  • It helps with controlling diabetes.
  • It can also cure many incurable diseases like cancer.
  • It helps with curing genital infections and sexually transmitted diseases like Trichomonasvaginalis or Trichomoniasis.
  • It helps to relieve from insect bites and snake bites.
  • It helps with toothaches.
  • It is an essential ingredient in the diet for good health of lactating mothers.
  • It helps in relieving chest congestion and release of the phlegm.
  • It is also helpful in dealing with asthma and wheezing problems.
  • Due to its sedative qualities it helps to ease anxiety.
  • Hing can help with blood thinning problems and prevents blood clotting.
  • It helps with reducing dysmenorrhoea and painful menstruation.
  • It can be beneficial for women suffering from leucorrhoea.
  • It can also help with premature laboura and sterility.
  • Its´ root produces natural chemicals that are used in drugs which help in treatment of deadly viruses like swine flu.
  • It can be useful in treatment of internal worms.
  • Herbal oil made from Hing helps with treatment of high cholesterol.
  • It helps to cure corns and calluses when applied directly on skin.
  • It can be used as antidote for opium. Hing can eliminate its effect when given to the patient in the same quantity as opium.
  • It can help with cough problems when mixed for example with dry ginger, honey or tulsi juice.
  • It helps in skin whiting.
  • It stops premature aging.
  • It gives glow to your skin by increasing the supply of oxygen.
  • it controls hair fall and makes hair thicker.
  • It triggers the production of happiness hormone and hampers the production of stress.

30 Benefits of Cardamom

Cardamom is well known spice used in Indian cooking.  It has medicinal value.  It is considered as one the most valuable spices in the world due to its therapeutic and aroma properties. The seeds of the cardamom plant contain a variety of important minerals such as calcium, sulphur, and phosphorus. It also contains volatile oil. This oil is composed of acetic and formic acids. This volatile oil contains nearly 5 percent of the seed’s mass. It has aromatic and medicinal properties that make cardamom so valuable.

There exist several varieties of cardamom but the green one which is considered as the true one is grown only in India. It is also grown in Sri Lanka, China, Laos, Nepal, Vietnam and Guatemala.


  • It increases appetite.
  • It relieves heartburn, bloating and indigestion.
  • It increases saliva in the mouth and it acts as a mouth freshener and eliminates bad breath.
  • It is good in fighting tooth and gum infections,
  • It strengthens our digestive system.
  • It cures the problem of flatulence by removing gas naturally.
  • It is helpful in removing toxins from the body and improves blood circulation.
  • It is good for the kidneys, as this spice promotes urination, lowers blood pressure and also removes accumulated calcium and urea in the kidneys, along with other toxins.
  • It controls vomiting tendency.
  • It is used to treat the urinary tract disorders such as cystitis, nephritis, gonorrhea, etc.
  • It helpful to cure sexual dysfunctions such as impotency, loss of libido, sexual weakness and premature ejaculation, etc.
  • It is good in treatment of depression.
  • It can fight against virus, bacteria, fungi inflections.
  • It also prevents stomach infections.
  • It is very essential for normal growth of bones.
  • It is essential for women during menopause as risk of osteoporosis increases during menopause.
  • It improves the blood flow to the heart and organs by improving the blood circulation.
  • It also improves blood circulation to the lung area.
  • It has an analgesic property which helps to relieve joint and muscle pain.
  • Detoxifies the body of caffeine
  • Relieves stomach cramps
  • Provides cooling effect
  • Has an expectorant action
  • Cardamom infusion alleviates colic pain in children
  • Gives a soothing effect to sore throat
  • Helpful in balancing kapha, vata and pitta


Cumin is called in India as Jira which in Sanskrit it means “that which helps digestion”. In our ancient time or in Ayurvedic system of medicine dried cumin seeds are used for medicinal purpose. . It is used to treat diseases like fever, loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal distension and puerperal disorders.  Today, the plant is mostly grown in ChinaUzbekistanTajikistan, Iran, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Mexico, Chile and India.  It is best known for its following benefits:

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  • It is a good source of iron.
  • It is important for menstruating women.
  • It used to soothe acute stomach problems.
  • It helps with headache
  • It makes hair glossy and shinny.
  • It strengthens nails.
  • It treats skin diseases such as eczema, dry skin and psoriasis.
  • It helps with digestive disorders as it controls stomach pain, morning sickness, diarrhea, and indigestion.
  • It is used in treatments of piles and common cold.
  • It reduces symptoms of flus and common cold.
  • It helps in overall mental function and memory.
  • It gives fast recovery to patients suffering from amnesia.
  • It supports prenatal health in pregnant women.
  • It makes childbirth easier.
  • It enhances milk supply in nursing mother.
  • It helps with sleeping problems. Banana added with it induces peaceful sleep.
  • It helps in weight loss.
  • It boosts our immune system.
  • It is very high in iron so it is the main constituent of haemoglobin in the blood.
  • It helps patients with respiratory problems.
  • It has shown to enhance the liver’s detoxification enzymes.
  • Drink of Jeera in hot water is potent enough to flush out the toxins from your body.
  • It relieves you from constipation problems.
  • Jeera is rich in Vitamin-E.
  • Its´ oil has disinfectant and anti-fungal properties, which prevent any microbial and fungal infections from affecting the skin.
  • It is also helpful for the burning sensation of the palms and soles.
  • Gargle jeera water controls foul smell in your mouth. It keeps your mouth fresh.
  • Heals mouth ulcers
  • It is an excellent carminative, improves appetite and smoothes digestion.
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Balances the vata, pita and kapha.