Benefits of Fishing on the Mind and Body

Fishing can be a relaxing activity for friends and family to do together. It can even be a fun solo activity. Whether you catch fish to eat or you just catch and release, fishing has many benefits for your mind and body. So, if you are considering taking up fishing as a hobby, you probably should try it immediately. Here are some of the top benefits of fishing:

Fishing can strengthen your muscles

While fishing isn’t that strenuous of a sport, some fish do require strength to reel in. Even catching and reeling in smaller fish can work out your shoulders, arms, back, legs, and ab muscles. It can also be a good motivator to keep you in shape so you have the strength to reel in the biggest fish!

It can help you bond with others

If you fish with other people, it can become a good bonding activity. Take kids when they are young to go fishing and it will teach them a hobby that doesn’t require any technology. It can also help them to learn patience because it often takes a while to catch a good fish. Fishing is a great activity to do with friends and family, no matter what age you are.

It can help improve patience

Just like fishing can teach child patience, it can help improve an adult’s patience. If you have a hard time being even-tempered, you will have to learn to be while you are fishing. This could definitely help you in other areas of your life.

It can boost your immune system

Vitamin D from the sun and stress relief are two big ways to boost your immune system and not get sick as often. Just don’t forget your sunscreen when you are sitting in the sun all day in your boat. Fishing can also be a good way to relieve stress, anxiety and boost happiness. You may find when you are fishing more often that you don’t get sick as much.

It can improve your heart health

As you work your muscles and reduce stress, you might also burn an average of 200 calories per hour while fishing. These are all great things for your heart. Make sure to bring healthy snacks and lots of water while you fish too or you might just cancel out all of these benefits. Fishing can also help reduce your blood pressure.

Encourage travel and being outside

These days, many people are stuck indoors watching television or playing with gadgets. Don’t be one of those people. Check out different lakes and see what different types of fish you can get. Spend lots of time outdoors, which is known to help you relax and live a happier and healthier life. Where is your favorite place to fish? Do you prefer to fish closer to home or love to travel to new locales?

Improve your balance

Balance and flexibility are very important while you are fishing. You need to be stable in your boat and balance properly, especially when reeling in a giant northern pike. This can help you in other areas of your life and can even relieve back pain.

It can improve your brain health and your memory

If you have a bad memory, fishing can be a great way to use your brain and keep it sharp. Sometimes, problems come up when you are fishing and you have to use your brain to solve them. Your fishing pole might get tangled or you can’t figure out how to reel in a big fish alone. Whatever the issue might be, you are using your problem-solving skills and that helps your memory.

If you eat the fish you catch, it is great for your health

Depending on the type of fish, fish is generally a great healthy addition to a meal. Salmon is especially good for you. Click here for some salmon recipes.

Are you an avid fisher? Do you think that fishing improves your physical and mental health? What other ways would you say fishing helps you in other areas of your life?

Author Bio: Nicole is a freelance writer and educator based in the Michigan and believes that her writing is an extension of her career as a tutor since they both encourage learning and discussing new things. When she isn’t writing, you might find Nicole running, hiking, or swimming. She’s participated in several 10K races and hopes to compete in a marathon one day.

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