Pros and cons of being a writer


If loneliness is accredited to writer’s life then why do they write? After all loneliness is no good and there is a difference between aloneness and loneliness.  You can check your feelings and find you are alone but you are not feeling lonely. To simplify you can say that aloneness is a physical term when you find that there is no one around you and so you are alone. On the other hand, Loneliness means a feeling of suffering. You have people around you and you are willing to interact with them but you are unable to get any. That means you can be lonely in gathering, which is definitely a worst kind of thing.

Well, question automatically comes in mind: Are writers masochists? Do they love to offer themselves pain? If no then why do they write? Like a coin has two sides similarly writers also have. First let us talk about positive side:

  • It is actually a slow learning process: Indeed, learning is a slow process and a writer is a life time student who always tries to dig deeper into a soul and then express it with meaningful words.
  • It is a fun to write: Writing is always a part of imagination, concentration and getting better understanding about things so it is a fun to see your things written clearly and people appreciate you for this.
  • It is a way to remove loneliness: It is a big problem in everyone’s life and unfortunately we have no solution for it. Better change your focus from people to book and in the company of book one can never find loneliness.
  • It reminds of past and the present: We all agree that it is very difficult to analyze any situation and take the right decision. Better write the incidence and learn from it.   
  • It helps to unload my life: Our experience is not always good and it is no good to share it with others so better write in your diary or unload yourself through creative writing.
  • It leaves legacy: There are several books which are more famous than their writers. It is a dream of every writer that propels their name and people remember him as the writer of that very unique book.
  • To discover the unknown: In our small life it is very important to learn new things and writing not just help the writer to discover new things or profound things but it also helps the readers to discover the unknown.

It is always wonderful to be connected with yourself and learn the magic that life holds but writing requires great patience and obsession. It is not easy to wait long to see everything, which was once in our mind, translated into words. This process of writing takes a lot of time from your life and keep you isolated and away from others so there are several negative sides faced by writers too:

  • It is insane to talk with your mind: A writer needs a time to be creative and think about his character so he can go deep into the psyche of his created character and sometimes it sound insane when there is no one around you and a writer is busy in thinking for long and talking in his head with his character.
  • It is difficult to live alone: it really sound interesting when we read that million copies were sold and interview, cover page stories are coming in newspapers and magazine as if you are a celebrity but writer is a loner.
  • It is difficult to match a match: people want company but writer needs lonely time then how wife who is supposed to live always with her husband can live when husband needs her or him just for while mostly busy in his creative world.
  • It is important to read: Add salt to injury, a writer must be a good reader first, which takes a lot of his time. Reading also gives ideas and a flow to his writing. The more information writer has the better will be his writing. So, writer loves reading.
  • It is difficult to be social: Socializing is a pain for writers. They just like to sit in a corner like any party pooper. They wall themselves and they invite depression and loneliness into their life. Study says writers suffer from depression ten to twenty times more than others.
  • It is not good to be obsessed: Obsession is not a good thing if you want to live a balanced normal life. But people who are obsessed with what they do are the people who are the best at what they do. They are always focused on their work and they are like a slave who is forced to work all the time.
  • It is no good to waste life like a slave: It is possible that one man is proved genius in his respective field but surely can be proved idiot in other ways. We all have one life to live and it is no wonder to pour out life in words and forget the actual life.

Life is a big choice how you want to live. Be sure about your abilities and hidden traist that are ready to transform your life. Life is just a journey and writing is one way to reach your own level of satisfaction. Try this!


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