Who Should You Write For?


Writing is an art but the biggest art is in knowing for whom you are writing. Its answer helps you to know a lot of things before you start your writing like you can visualize what your readers’ expectations are and what are their likes and dislikes etc. Having such information in advance really helps in construction of a plot as well as its dialogues.

As now you have a huge reader’s market and your writing is subjecting them and so it makes easier for publishers to identify the genre.

It is also a point for many writers that they remain buckled in thoughts whether they write for themselves or for the readers. Of course both the points are correct. If you are writing and you are not convinced and you are writing only because you are seeing the market or the readers then it is not good to go.

Good writers never go along with the mind of the readers. They write according to the demand and situations of the story. As once you have finished your writing then comes the part of placing the story before the eyes of readers. Here comes the role of readers and their mind set and expectation level.

Research and craft of bestselling authors can help you. You both have the same innate ability of storytelling and if one can reach a large number of audience then it is good to learn something from them so you can win name and fortune as a writer.

As a writer it is very important that writer’s voice must be somewhere and does not go missing or hidden in the search for the readers´ mind and expectation in the story. You should be first within your shoes as a writer then turn around and re-read your book as a reader and then you can judge what best you’d like to do.

As a writer and as a reader you are the first person who is going to evaluate yourself. Before becoming a writer you were also a good reader so you have both qualities and no wonder you can apply both the skills in your writing style in order to find the fine balance.

In fact, writing is all about the fine balance. You have created a character, its situation, its actions and reactions and suitable way of narration then you know your character better. Before finishing the book you are to read and reread your manuscript several times and certainly there will come a lot of things which you need to iron out.

Writing is all about the smoothness, fine balance and the chiseling that it is why it is considered a daunting task.  You are to write first then read first and then do the final judgement as what best can go along with your characters as well as the readers.

The question “who should you write for” is very simple if you are open to changes and ready to see your work both as a writer and as a reader else it is possible that you will end up with a few readers or no readers at all. It is definitely your personal choice. Look around yourself and you can easily find that both types of writers exist. And both are correct in their ways.

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