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Writing is all about passion and creativity but in today’s date it has become market open for everyone who is looking for a job and has a little interest in writing. Companies and individuals are hiring and asking you to write for them. There is no creativity, no passion but a peanuts of payment for which you are to start (after college).

Definitely when you are wet behind the ears and have no say in the writing field then everything seems good but you are hired by a company as an accountant or admin staff and working harder, faster and for less money but fact is that none of the working staff gives voice to the company. Your words are reaching to the masses and spinning name for the CEO and the company but you are just a staff on a peanuts salary.

Over a period of time when you look at yourself then certainly you are nowhere as no one is ready to listen. For every new Company you are a fresher and they are not ready to believe in your writing skills. They ask you a write – say 200 words on a given topic and that will decide your future. You are not supposed to use internet as you will just copy and paste – who knows.

System is to judge you from their dinosaur time who tells these to HRs and recruiters. It is not a mathematical sum of kindergarten school that you can solve in any given time. Unfortunately these HR see your resume in thirty seconds.  What do you think what they can see in you with your resume and evaluate you? Writing is an art and art is longer than life. Can they evaluate you in thirty seconds?

Writing needs time. It needs silence. It needs certain frame of mind. It needs a place to image something. At my first job I was to write 3 articles a day and I was sitting next to tele marketing team who were continuously talking on mobile and making a hell for a writer to focus. When I started working there I really felt sorry to know that my manager and boss had no experience with writing and were not in position to understand me as they probably had never written any good love letters to their girlfriend (in fact, I had asked them after all it was all getting too much for me).

If you really know you are writer from your heart and soul then it is actually a time for you to repent in such moments. The word Writer sounds like a mill worker who is to work in noise, with back stabbing and other office politics. With all this I am only trying to say that company specially startup companies are not at all good to begin with your writing carrier but big and established companies ask you for a good resume which you don’t have when starting.

In the name of training how to write content companies are not at all prudent enough to teach you anything. In fact teaching a writer is not worth much. Once you are hired then google the whole day and get the articles ready. But at time of hiring they will promise you all.

In majority of companies who hire you for their blog post, eBooks etc. they never write your name under any post and so you draw your paycheck and get lost. For the next company you have nothing to show only because you have not written anything for yourself so only you know your abilities.

It is the time when you think: how good it was if I were a journalist there could be at least some articles in print in my name to show. But here you are a ghost writer so you probably have nothing to show just empty words to say that these websites were written by me and nothing else.

Unfortunately, we are working in a place where everyone is not good in English but good with deep pocket. Outside the company premisys there is a big population who is waiting for you to come to them. They are small magazine owners.

I come across some and I found that they are owners of English fashion magazines and lifestyle magazines and so on but they are very poor in English and not good to reply to your mail but they are milking young budding writers and running their business.

You are running from pillar to post and you will find several people who are ready to drop you because of your grammar, punctuation marks and silly things which make you wonder where actually Alice has come down.

All this is for cutting your salary or throwing a lame excuse at you for not hiring you. They are hiring a writer, proof reader and editor just in one salary. Either you work in low salary or stay at home. Worst when you reach the level of 40k salary then you have to think where to go next. Only your passion for writing can keep you alive in this industry or become a manager and never touch your pen.

Thanks to amazon and create space that I publish there my 3 books and gradually I learnt that there is someone specially working as a proof reader, beta reader, line editor, copy editor, developmental editor and so on but in a company you are a superman who wears underwear above the skin tight suit.

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