Writers nature and their financial constraints


I never try to think much about the money as when it comes in my mind then I find it hard to write any further. Something just kills off my creativity and I start behaving like an accountant so I have to keep my mind away from money.

I keep the thought of money away like other writers then write. In fact, when you think about writing a novel or an article for your blog then there is no point in thinking about anything else but when your mind gets the thoughts of money and as you know in the beginning there is hardly any money in this pursuit then writing becomes difficult.

But money is one subject which you have always in mind. After all you also have to foot the bill. The financial hot water is something that lets you in frustration when you find not enough money to foot the bills and things are piling up in future date even some important things like paying your editors, cover designers, proof readers and such people without whom you can’t come with your books.

Your book is not just your personal effort. It is a combined effort of good editing, proof reading, cover page design and many such important things and all needs the payment.

I have heard once that people good in intellectual areas often seemed bad in their financial affairs. It is probably the value of their own way of thinking and creativity that allows them to work with fresh ideas which may not necessarily be first appreciated by others who are paying for their time and work.

Indeed, in several occasions I have felt that things can be written better or if more time is given work can really be improved but the employers are not ready to wait. They are hungry and they want instant results right before them. Of course you are not satisfied but yes you are paid.

It is really a frustrating situation. Why do they not understand what you are trying to do? Their hurry is only spoiling the game but at the end of the day we writers also have to see how to pay our bills.

Some writers just leave the job as they want to give their best try so the result must be to their level of satisfaction. Indeed, once you have done something you must care for it like your own baby but small entrepreneurs are in real hurry and they are large in number and a rich source for your income. So work smart else financial problem will always be there.

Definitely, you will see more if you live longer but love for words makes life a struggle. Here are some reasons a writer’s life faces financial struggle, as:

Bad in math: Emotion is one subject that doesn’t go with right arithmetical formulas and with right profit and loss statements. Unfortunately writers are to deal most of time with the emotions of their characters and they often miss to be so self-centered in this world of hypocrites and con artists.

Good dreamer: Life of a writer is full of ups and down and there is something called one book wonder so writers pay all their attention in writing the best that can leverage their financial situation, so writer go on consuming to the last rattle of their picky box.

Writer works first and then depends on the honesty of the check giver: Most of the time writer’s sweat goes in-vain as many don’t like to be honest. Look at your media houses, print magazines and others: they proudly say we don’t pay writers or we pay them less.

Intellectuals always fail to be myopic: There are many ethos sounding words that are around the writers and their sensitive skin grabs them first but this world doesn’t run with ideology and ethos. World is upside down. A few people own values of words in the true sense. The majority are disgusting so writer suffers.

Writers are often self-employed: Self-employment is a good thing but being a  small unit sometimes it is hard to negotiate with the hiring agency as they show you small budget and there is high supply of writers who are ready to get the opportunity which badly affect the income. It is hard to have any insurance, retirement plans and even bank loans.

Writer soon gets bored: If not all then at least most writers get bored when they are talking about their financial situation as it directly affects their creativity. They are not the kind of people who can work just to add some penny in their money bag. They just enjoy their writing and so they accept only those works that really make them happy or give a space to show their creativity.

Writers can’t sit at home: A writer has to travel, visit new places, meet new people and try new things that cost them a lot. Many writers don’t sit in the corner of their home instead they go into a coffee shop to sit there and write so these further add expenses to their writing. They love to visit workshops and writer’s night at the local bar where liquors at overprized for the night but they still attain.

Taking experiences are in their blood so go everywhere and it all cost nothing is for free. So life of a writer is always having the hardship till one reaches the jackpot.

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