Writing is a game of transporting you mentally


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” and this quote is still true in case of a new emerging writers who don’t have a published track record to support their abilities and knowledge.

This world values you when you have walked the walk else needless to say none cares to look at you. In fact, it is the scenario at everywhere. Why would anyone like to show their trust in you till you have proven them anything?

Writing is a big work of your imagination and it is like a thin air moving from one place to another. None other can perceive what is in your mind, what you are capable of seeing and sensitive to feel. Your words give a structure to your imagination. This is all what a writer creates from his writing.

A writer creates a world in his mind and gradually he takes it all on the paper. He holds a figment of imagination for an endless hour with a hope that he can reproduce it in a bigger way for a wider readership. That is the toughest task but this is all about the writer’s challenge and his writing skills.

Skill never develops within a day. It takes years and may be one life is not enough to prove your ability of writing, (I am not trying to minimize the ability of a writer.)

Writing is a particular structure which a reader could see but when a writer is writing his intuitive brain is somewhere else connected with the other world and he is working in the physical world.

Knowledge about any particular object, place or experience can help his imagination but it plays a smaller role into his big imagination. In no way I am trying to say that personal experience is less important. I am only saying is that people have personal experiences but a writer goes above that, beyond that and summarizes his experience while connecting it with the wider world of his imagination where a bare crude reality meets an art and gives a shape and structure of a new world.

Both the writer and reader could feel and see this new world. Word after word a world is transferring from one brain to another and place, event and characters are making its presence in the mind and this beauty is nothing but a magic.

Writer’s imagination can transport you to his world and make you feel that you mind is full of his imagination. You are seeing exactly what he was seeing at the time of his writing.

The time capsule is somewhere nonexistent. A reader can be enjoying a writer’s imaginations right after two hundred years or even more. Age and time have gone by but the immortal works of writers like William Shakespeare, Milton, Dickens still have that capacity to connect and transport you as a reader into their time and make you follow their imaginative world.

Writing is all an art of a scientific work. Science is working with this possibility in the laboratory and writers are doing this in your mind. Transporting the mind into a new place is all what you see in the virtual world.

Writing is an art. Writers are artists and their craft of story-telling is the magic in believing in the world far away from your physical world. Writing is a game of transporting you mentally into a new world and at the same time you are physically frozen in an hour of your reading.

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3 thoughts on “Writing is a game of transporting you mentally

  1. Very well said ,, if u could leave your space in time ,even for a short p
    Period of time ..you could be living in a new world ,,with new feelings and it be kinda like a out of body experience for a Short time if mind is weak to concentrate as would ly things where u physically r can brake your concentration to inter and leave the new would ..you may wish to go….also inside feelings can affect this also if disturbed by morals that could hold u back … what is right or wrong and if what u do can hurt others ….it’s choice. ..I sopose. … in some instances and in others your desire of what will feel your true life’s happiness if it’s real in your heart…..it’s a deep thought within…..it’s it feels real to ya .it takes time some times to decide if it real or just a desire of need….just thinking……. 🙂

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