Writing is lonely business


It is never an easy choice to be a writer in life no matter how many inborn abilities you have for writing. A writer must have a time to conceive an idea in his mind like a mother to deliver it on paper. It takes a lot of time and a lot of physical and mental exertion and the worst part is that it takes the writer into loneliness.

It is the allotted time when he thinks and concentrates on his ideas and gradually grows its ideas in a new world which is similar to this world and slowly he writes. And this capacity to create a new world through words is his biggest strength but it consumes his entire life.

No one knows at what point of time an idea sparks in his mind and continues to remain there and how actually it finds the flow in words and splays on papers.

Deciding for a career as a writer has never been easy and for me it can never be. I think it may have been an easy choice if I were from any privileged class but when you have to struggle for means of subsistence during the day and write at night then life is pretty unbelievable.

As writer’s loneliness has always sparked me and my thinking so my point of view on any subject was unacceptable to most of the people around me. I remained devoid of social interaction and majority of my time I have been sitting on my head as much as on my chair. It is no surprise that I lack opportunity to let on my mind with friends and others. This has always made me a thick hearted and thin skinned.

I feel a writer tries first to go into the shoes of the character and then understand their behavior and then comes to any conclusion. It becomes a part of their normal personality so much that it becomes difficult to take things for granted as mostly people do.

If any remark or behavior is found strange, a writer gives their outmost time to understand and in general, people never appreciate such behavior but a writer gilds there something unique into such character.

A writer lives with his character and in an artistic manner presents that character into his story. A writer knows well where exactly change his character and where to end his story. This skill differentiates one writer from another, although there are several other things that distinguish one writer from others.

Writing is just one element of storytelling. Another important part which works as a soul of the story is the way the characters are developed and presented. Actually this is the mark of a writer and it is not easy and not a one-day affair. It takes years to develop.

This is one of the most difficult things that creates a big trap and most writers including me feel hesitant to openly share their work.

A writer is very scared of showing his things as mostly the callous criticism makes the situation jump from the frying pan into the fire.  This adds frustration, anger and complains in life.

This actually poisons the life. Sometime it makes the story better, sometimes not but it increases the writer’s struggles and problems. It is mostly seen that writer’s family and friends have to bear his frustration and mood swings.

These hours of frustration and anger are mostly due to self-criticism, self-created mess as he fails to find the actual answer asked by readers. Sometimes it leads to depression. If you look around you can easily find some prominent writers whom Depression kept in its hold like Sylvia Plath, James Baldwin, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Leo Tolstoy, Tennessee Williams and many more.

Socrates once said:  “All good epic poets recite all their fine poems not by skill but because they are inspired and possessed . . . they are not in their right minds.”

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