I love to visit bookstores


Bookstores always fascinate me and whenever I get the time I like to be there. The hassle and bustle there always make me feel as if I am standing in the right place. I enjoy the ambience of that place. I love to see people busy at book shelves in order to find their favorite author’s books. It is really wonderful to see people standing long while reading as if their books have arrested them. Such involvement of readers could encourage any writer including me.

I often get a feel that this is the place where I belong. This is where my dream is hanging. I see the cover page, publisher’s name, design, paper, looks and what not. I get the feel that one day like this my books will also be coming in the market and people will read. To make this dream possible I should work.

I see how books are categorized as per their genre and sometime some fast selling books are on display to catch out eyes. Each time I see a new name and I get a feel that one day my novel will come here. I will be a writer.

Writing is a game to be mad. It is not easy. It is like probing your own wound again and again and making it bleed to write words. But bookstore makes me feel that I am not alone. If others have written and books one after another are coming, then why can’t I write.

Interesting, I pat my back and I happily walk to a bookstore. This place is like an energy store. I go there to gain energy and then work harder on my writing project.

Bookstores are the best place to know the different genre and their best-selling authors and which book is moving faster.

I get some opportunity to talk with the book sellers, book suppliers and readers. It is really great to have a face to face talk with them and they are in fact the rich vein for getting information as to what is happening in the world of books around us.

It is really good that bookstore looks are also changing with the change of time. Now some coffee shops are moving in and it is wonderful to flip pages of your author’s book while sipping your coffee.

Sometime I wonder how some people don’t like reading books. Study says reading for just six minutes is enough to reduce stress by 68%. Writing has wonderful good effect on our healthy living. It is found that writing helps people to reduce their distress level and even it helps in faster healing of their physical wounds.

It is also found that writing helps patients of several diseases like asthma, as it was found that those who write have fewer attacks; AIDS patients who write has higher T-Cell counts and Cancer patients have better optimistic perspectives and improved quality of life.

It is also seen that it is not necessary to become a writer or novelist but even small writing like blogging can help. It is seen that those who are given opportunity to write their emotional upheavals gain physical health too. They have changes in immune system so they don’t go to doctor very often.

This modern world of technology is changing fast. The looks of bookstores are also changing. Now we have online bookstores. Now we have reading devices and we can also read on our laptop and mobile. We have audio books. Now things have changed and improved a lot but the ambience of the bookstore and the way it enables me to be the writer is the best.

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