Writing a novel about love


Love is something which is very rich in taste and writing about it is like dreaming which you can only see, feel and tell the world about it. Love has its own flowery language and reader gets a very special cosy feeling out of it.

Readers read it as if they are reading their own feelings and seeing their dreams from a dreamer’s eyes where every word is expressing the readers word. This mesmerizing display of emotion is what makes love the thing that connects the hearts.

If the lovers cry, the readers really bleed. A reader could feel the throbs of their heart as the closest possible sound. Their own heart could throb with the lovers and with the story.

Love is really a magic. It only happens. It is not created or made. Indeed readers sometime wish that one day they can also feel and experience the same intensity of love and happiness in the warmth touch of each other.

Love is not a touch. It traverses deeper. It is subtler and more fairy. It transports you to a new world. A world where you live for someone and someone has come there to love only you.

The prefect feeling makes someone grow deeper in love. Love starts with very simple note like a note of musical instrument and gradually it creates its own music, its springs are far more reaching and sweeter than one can imagine.

Love is a taste that dilutes in within and lives like a part of you. It makes life easier. It makes you feel comfortable in an isolated place where only you know you are not alone. Indeed you are not alone. You can’t afford to be alone. You are always with your love.

You are talking to her. You can feel her in the thin air. You see her in the darkest of time. She is with you, around you and deep within you.

Love is a crazy world, one can’t write anything, even a single word without being a crazy. A world of love invites you to be crazy and forget where you really live and how you live there. You live in a new world. A writer writes about a new world, with utmost new possibilities of experience.

Love is never like a sweet fairytale. It has its own agony and pathos and lover goes with that sphere of time where one bleeds for another and both crave to have a point of no return.

They need one sweet beginning. Their love just starts with simple heart throb and gradually it becomes one and there is actually one heart, one soul living in two bodies. Love is such a sweet recipe of emotion. One can taste it only and only if one surrenders before the love.

Writing about love is all about surrendering, about their feelings, incidences, throbs and admiration. It is all about the couple. It is all about the struggle and strength of their love for each other. It is heavenly. It is divine. It is pure earthy as living with all the intensity of passion and life.

Such sublimation is all what a writer writes and readers read. It is a very simple and at the same time very difficult. If a writer misses to word the observation with the right intensity of attachment then his piece of writing can be thrown from the paradise onto the earth. Readers will feel ribbed and not finely crowded.

Writing about love is all about writing from heart. Words are not coming from mind however they are only splashing from the stir at the heart. To touch and stir the heart there is no rule, no method, no plot – just a heart full of love and that creates all the magic.

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6 thoughts on “Writing a novel about love

  1. Tears in a smile can put a heavy weight on a heart..♡ It is beautiful how love is felt and told from the heart… like magic ..it is pure magic !!! Great words and writings. Awesome ☆☆.

    1. Thanks Janet,
      Indeed love is a magic and writing about it really helps me to feel love more closely with its full intensity.

    1. Thanks Danielle,
      It is really sweet that you like and feel my words closely within and feel good. It is very encouraging for me. Thanks!!!

  2. Reading about love makes me feel loved and warm inside. You put a lot of feelings in your words. Amazing work.

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