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There’s a reader for every book. No matter what you write but all that really matters is how you write. At the beginning when you start writing your new novel you don’t need to worry about anything except those points, dialogues, and incidences coming in your mind. Gradually these things will help you in making the map of your book.

Once your first draft is ready and you think that you have included all the points, dialogues and incidences then start self-editing. This process is very important. It helps you not just to shave your penny but also helps you to have better insight into your novel and its plot and craft.

No matter how many books you have read on book craft and plotting but your book is different. It has its own set of rules and it will go only according to that. Indeed, those techniques, rules and craft which you have read in those books will help you. So you’d better keep them in mind but don’t rely on them right now. First look deep into your story, what it says and write what best you feel.

Soon you will see that your story is getting filtered one draft after another. There is no hurry if your story needs ten or more drafts or it asks you to change your whole idea, as you can see your story better. Yes, it will make you crazy but trust me you are capable to rewrite it thousand times only because you are capable.

As you are sure that your manuscript is ready and all is set at your level now look for an editor. Let him work. Let him get mad at you. Trust me when he will send your manuscript in rainbow colors, simply you will feel crazy but this is what the reality is.

Refresh your mind and restart your work and start polishing all the unpolished.  Your editor seems your dreaded enemy but this is what you have hired him for. This is his job. He knows his work well. Trust him and work further.

If lucky your editor will soon show you the green flag. Normally we go with two types of editors: 1. Line editor & 2. Copy editor. Then there comes the role of a proofreader.

It is just one phase of work which is complete. Now comes the marketing, branding and the best ways of reaching your readers.

Writers often think that there is something like one book wonder and want to see their book on the bestseller list. No, it never happens for every writer. In the writing carrier your patience will definitely pay off, the list of readers and followers will very gradually grow with the number of your books.

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