Areas where physiotherapy can relieve your aches and pains

by Ankita Aakriti


Generally people believe that physiotherapy is nothing more than massage or chiropractic therapy but with modern medical equipment and treatments physiotherapy is more than that. It does not just remove the muscular tension but also curtails future problems. It starts showing results within a few visits at physiotherapy clinic. In short, there are some conditions and diseases where physio treatment is proved as the best option.

Knees problem: A research found that osteoarthritic knees can be better treated by the right combination of medication and physiotherapy. We look at the whole picture of the bone and muscles movement. Our biomechanical assessment helps in looking at everything from muscle tightness to weakness to how joints move; if they move too much or too little. This gives us the right picture and based on that we decide the right course of action which includes exercises to calm the inflamed joint or muscle or other factors which are creating this problem.

Breathing Problems: There are patients with asthma or sleep apnea who can be treated best by the cardiovascular physiotherapists. They can try breathing control exercise. It helps in improving the mobility of chest and neck muscles through stretching and strengthening programs.

Relieve from chronic pain: By strengthening the muscles that surround painful joints or muscles a physiotherapist can ease chronic pain. There was a study with osteoporosis patient who was suffering from the chronic pain due to spinal compression fractures whom a 10 weeks of physiotherapy designed program was given and found improvement in her life.

Obesity problems: As the weight of the body increases, person’s walking style gets influenced and it gets changed. Normally all weight goes on our feet as well as on physical backbone of our body. We help the patient by designing personalized exercise programs that solve the overloaded joints.  We also treat sore knees and tendonitis through traditional physiotherapy techniques.  Sometime a good deal of problem is solved by helping the patient in selecting the right shoes with the right support and conditioning for sedentary patients to move again. Such simple things can be applied for the patients whose mobility has declined due to aging or the side effects of chemotherapy.

Back pain Problems: We often unknowingly sit in a wrong posture and that results into muscles strain and pain. Nowadays the problem of arthritis is also greatly increasing and this too causes back pain. Of course the treatment will depend on the causes of the problem and source of the problem, but some common principles also need to apply such as weight management (to reduce stress on joints), muscle strengthening (to improve mobility and reduce recurrence) and re-patterning of muscles. That means changing of all the muscles coordination involved in that particular area which can be rightly done by a series of dynamic exercises. There are about two dozen muscles in and around the lower back that really matter. Strengthening them all really benefits the patient.

Make your physiotherapist your good friend and help them to help you better.

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