Sipping wine at Twist with Randip Dhingra


Sometimes we meet someone unplanned and suddenly that moment becomes valuable. Such is the moment when I meet Mr. Randip Dhingra who has just started his new venture – Twist, a family wine and dine restaurant at Cyber Hub. I am sure that his name needs no introduction as people know him well for his fine taste in wine.

As Indian culture is amalgamating itself with wine culture of foreign inherent so I buzz with him that if a greenhorn likes to have a wine then what would Randip suggest to him. He smiles first, then start to talk. In India we are young about the taste buds of wine. We are mostly teaching ourselves with blogs, magazines and talk but when something is about the taste then taste and experience. Wine is all about taste. It is all about opening yourself to share and experience the wine, its fine aroma, its taste, its color and the pleasure of learning something new.

Wine is simple. It is complex. It is simple in taste but complex in experiencing. Your taste bud has not experienced the wine earlier so you have no idea what it is all about. You first sip and then try to identify the flavor you find there. People mostly enjoy the fruity taste as it is familiar to them.

Gradually by repeating the same wine your palate learns the taste and now you know one wine. This is the time to try another wine and then another. When you try you will learn a new kind of wine. Try this time any dry or crispy. This will help you to differentiate between the taste and here starts your new experience with wine.

It is always advisable to start with the low cost wine. It will help you learn a lot. When you start with low budget your pocket will definitely smile and you will feel good as you experiment with some economical wines.

In India, tax on wine is too high so it is good to start with some Indian brands. Now India is also making its presence in the first world. It is also developing its market and exporting a lot. Here in India we have some vineyards too so it is a fun to visit them and see how wine is made and which grapes are available and which types of wine are possible to grow here.

It also sets you to think about the factors that constitute a good wine; I mean the soil, the climate, and the grapes varieties. You will gradually find you have enriched yourself with a lot of information.

As your information and the inclination towards wine increases soon you will love to taste more. Your taste buds are the best teacher who supports you to learn faster.

There are some countries whose wine one must taste, especially France. French wine is expensive but when you have started with the economical wine then you will definitely relish the expensive ones and soon learn the difference.

Indeed wine is very vast area that requires a lot of patience, time and money. Here in India there are some institutes that offer good level of information but it is always good to develop your own taste by tasting.

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