Writing is where cuckoo learns to crow


Writing is where cuckoo learns to crow. A cuckoo is a highly sophisticated bird that has the wonder of getting her work done by others. This capitalist approach in cuckoo is what makes her stand far away from the other birds. She is the cleverest bird, much more beautiful and ornamented than that black crow who unknowingly each time very motherly hatches her eggs. As she learns at the end whom she was hatching, and the real source of pleasure and satisfaction in her life is merely a foolish game played against her and now bitterness is all that is rolling down her heart.

Life is never fair to anyone. Wise become foolish and foolish become wise, rich become poor and poor become rich and each life has its own cry and pleasure. Cuckoo sounds the wisest but she must also be crying in a corner of her heart at the inability to have the pleasure of hatching her own baby eggs.

There is a pleasure in waiting to see her baby to come out of their eggs but fear is always there that the crow who is so motherly caring these eggs will soon be the first enemy for her babies after the bitter truth will abject her life and the despair that her eggs were broken only for these cuckoo’s babies to be born.

Indeed cuckoo feels the pleasure of trumps, a winner. Indeed, winner’s story is different from the loser’s but both stories carry a powerful voice of some good and bad aspects of life. These pieces of voices own the real taste of life.

Every life has a story, a plot, a sub plot, a drama, a spice and all that makes a novel a work of art and transforming the life into the work of art is never an easy try. This process is very shuttle. It needs a very unique voice that can carry and keep the balance of the weight of triumphs and sorrow. It may have the capacity to muddle this humdrum of life into a fine blend of creative energy that can inspire and help everyone who loves reading, who believes in magic and who believes that life is energy and it finds its own way out.

Writing is all about giving voice to these deep shuttle layers of life. Writing is like living a life of a cuckoo and a crow. Then after getting both the experience and knowing the limitation and boundaries that circumcise the life and make an area of living, after learning all, look for the areas of inner freedom of joy in life.

A writer has to own the responsibility to be very detached and see everything within the arena of his personal and impersonal life experiences and run his imagination to reach where cuckoo learns to crow.

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