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World is changing and so is the book publishing industry. No matter what an industry deals with but the intension is all about earning profits and money so the same goes for the publishing industry.

They too promote wisely writers and books which they see as cash cows. So if you are new writer it is not a good idea to wait for your publisher to take all the pain and make you famous.

Everyone who dreams to be a writer always sees his name in the bestselling author’s list. After all dream doesn’t cost anything. But unfortunately writing is all about staying up till late at night and write long.

Have you ever asked how one book becomes so popular and another probably equally good waits for the sunshine? If you really have noted and asked yourself then you will agree that it is all about the personal involvement of a writer to create awareness about his writing, his presence among the readers and informing the readers what this book is all about. This creates curiosity in readers who try to grab your book on the first go.

In other words, bestselling book is the end result of the best effort made by an author. Sincerity to give information to the right people is the key but publishing firms are not waiting to do all this labor for you.  They have others who have better author’s base amongst the readers and people know their creative prowess and waiting for their next book so your book as an indie author may never catch their eyes in promotional list.

In this era of new marketing presence social media is the best place to generate more awareness and involving more people with you. It is better to turn all stones and leave your mark there. For promotion go anywhere you can. Always share the information on social media platforms.

You have a range of places where you can really go and try your luck. You can try to have a talk on radio shows, talk to the book columnists, the media personals, the book reviewers. In fact, anyone who can help to convey your dream book, what your book is and what it means to those readers.

In today’s time self- publishing is the right way to learn all about publishing, by doing all by yourself.  When you know you are the publisher and no one else is there who can look after your book then you will certainly look for your best.

Always remember you can do it. You are not losing anything. You are learning new things and doing everything that is important for your readers – to know about you and your book.

Your book must be having some special lines which can be used as quotes which can make your book popular. There can be quick turn in the character’s personality that can make readers feel more entertained and there can be many more that can differ from reader to reader perspective.
Your success begins with readers’ entertainment and like so try to push yourself as much as you can to access bigger audience of your genre. It can cost you some money but at the end it will give you rich dividends.

Get yourself known to your readers. Get yourself to the readers & get your readers read your book.

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