When a writer cries


A writer uses his emotions to write, to feel his characters, and he enters into the heart and soul of his characters. Emotion is the very point from where he starts. This weaves his entire novel plots and drives him to balance between his characters. Otherwise all will start to react in the same way.

Take for example that a writer is weaving a romantic novel and finds a very natural, jovial young loving characters and he starts entering into their soul. Like us every two individuals are different and any situation brings them closer and they start meeting without thinking much. A writer is also relaxed, feeling good and feeling romantic like his imaginative characters.

Meeting after meeting a fondness increases and walls start to vanish. They both are now ready to let on their hearts. They narrow down the distance between their hearts; indeed, there is still some distance to be covered. Writer knows this. Suddenly one of his characters writes a very emotional piece of message or letter and now the writer is shocked as it was not in his mind that something like that could happen.

In its effect, the receiver of the message gets more involved in the subject and they now start telling each other more. Everything starts changing in their world – a world that is created between their two loving hearts and information about each other’s in deep faith and intimacy starts to spill. Of course all this was to be revealed at some point of time but it suddenly got revealed right now. As the two characters are revealing themselves a writer is getting more tensed because his story is moving fast. He has to take control, but how? No idea.

A writer knows that when you start going into a person you start knowing him or her skin by skin and knowing someone from within is the most difficult part, only because you get connected with him or her in such a way that it becomes difficult to recognize and draw the line from where one starts and from where you start. Line gets too blare. They both get intermixed within their minds. (Here, I may sound pure theoretically but one can experience this only when one steps into another person.)

It is very important that two individuals maintain a distance and slowly step into each other’s hearts and not just get close because of any impulse of emotions. A distance has to be kept and maintained and this distance allows both to live individually. But where do couples want to live individually, where do they like to wait? They usually rush into things. They want to grow intimate. They don’t want to see how gradually the line gets blare between them. The rush of impulse is so high that they are flowing in a current. They are now living in an overwhelmed state.

A writer is silently watching everything, noting everything every minute as if any villain is about to enter into this fairytale like romance. He understands that love is not like any dating site which are full of do and don’t suggestions; follow these steps and recognize your soulmate.

They are soulmates, love just happens, it grows, it evolves and surrounds, and both enter in each other’s heart, not like sex, but with emotion, and make a bond, a promise that a world which is between the two hearts will never end.

Now these characters are so his own that if any unfortunate or misfortune meets them – a writer cries loud as if it is his own pain. A writer is no more distant from his characters. He has also entered into their hearts and living and growing and seeing everything inside out and feeling to love them and give them a better life.

But characters have their own destiny. They are created and nurtured in brain but gradually they are free like humans and can go anywhere they want. A writer is then just an onlooker and a story teller and can have sympathy for his characters but can’t alter their fate. It is the most difficult situation for a writer and this helplessness makes him cry.

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