Signals of a writer hidden within you


Everyone who has been to school and college knows reading, writing and speaking and presently everyone has to write some or another thing. So does it mean every one is a writer? It is always a challenge to first know and then tell others that you are a writer in your soul. One has to know the sign and recognize that one is a writer at heart. Such sign is often disturbing because in every society it is considered abnormal. Now it wouldn’t be amiss if I say that If God was giving ghosts then writers were the first to accept. I say so only because writers can talk long with their unseen friends and can get connected with several other unknown and from there get motivated and get inspired. Writes can see the places and people who are not normally seen by ordinary people. They have a habit of seeing things in a special way that connects them with their ghostly friends and they talk and finally they sit to write long.

  • A writer never lives alone: There are many memories and characters living at his address, all in his small head and each talk with one another.
  • A writer is a gypsy at heart: It is very difficult to follow rules made by others.
  • A writer never has his first concern with Grammar: It is very strange thing to say but it is true that writer and poet can never look at his work first from grammar point of view. The most important thing for a writer is to finish all what is in his mind.
  • A write is always a good reader too: I really don’t mean to say that writers have to be good readers first and restrict them to reading books only. I mean they can read in between the lines better and can even read a person better and can connect or mix one character with another.
  • A writer just loves to write: No matter if his writing can drag him to penury but he can’t stop writing. He can bear all but can’t compromise with his writing.
  • A writer feels like missing something important if he is not writing: As it is well known writing takes a long time to become a full time profession so young or new writer writes while working but he surely tries to get time to write. But if he misses he always feels that he is missing his normal course of action in life.
  • A writer mediates on his writing: When a writer is writing his full focus is only on the writing and so he forgets for how long he is working and how long he would work further. He is just pouring out his mind on paper and flowing with his imagination.
  • A writer’s mind never stops: It is very strange but true: his mind is always occupied with new ideas and in new ways of telling and expressing his matters.
  • A writer is always ready for his criticism: Criticism is a like praise for a writer. If he writes something and none got stirred and none showed any reaction for or against then he will always feel oppressed as if his writing was not worth a while.
  • A writer always relishes reading the good writers: Reading any truly brilliant written work of any writer inspires him to write better. He appreciates and loves to learn. He never gets jealous.
  • A writer is a good story teller: Often it is seen that a writer is a good story teller because he first feels his characters then speaks.
  • A writer loves readers: It is like finding a soulmate when a writer finds someone who loves literature. They enjoy talking about their works as well as work of others.
  • A writer feels better after writing: It is working as a mood refreshing drug. When a writer writes something he feels light, energized and happy.
  • A writer needs time to be alone: It would be good if you ask any writer as how he feels when he is alone. He will surely reply that he is in heaven and talking with himself, seeing his characters and talking with them as normally we do.
  • A writer never bothers about the test results: We know it well that we all become eager to see our test results but a writer is eager only to see his works published and that he is read by readers.
  • A writer has spontaneous word flow: His mind is full of words, he is writing or busy in other works but his words start to come into his mind mostly in poetry and of course in prose too. So a writer always carries a pen and a paper. If he misses to jot something down then he missed it forever.
  • A writer is very easily misunderstood:It is often very difficult for people to understand him easily because most of the time he speaks like Philosophers – something very deep and people are not so interested to go into the depth of anything.
  • A writer is skin sensitive:A writer values the words so he also tries to understand from where come the words that someone is saying and he tries to figure out things in detail so he is touchy too.
  • A writer lives a very romantic life:It can be strange for a normal person like you and I that a writer is having a lot of things to worry about and he is alone still he is poetic and romantic at heart

A writer is born with some different bone and clay. He too has worries to foot his bills but he can only write and rest all others things are just a pain the ass.

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