Ghost writing is an opportunity


When I read comments where people feel shocked, cheated as news tells that a famous book is originally written by a ghost writer and not by the person whose name is on the cover page.

Truth is that nobody wants to read a new writer no matter how good and talented one is. Name is what runs in the market. If you are a famous personality, certainly a publisher will show interest so will the readers.

If a writer is talented but he is not in a favorable situation then he has a good option to work for someone and get paid in advance. In today’s market it is really hard to make a market of readers for a new author. There are several books in market waiting for the readers.

Rich and famous people have advantage to hire a talented writer and ask him or her to give words to their ideas. A talented writer gets a good payment which allows him to foot the bills and have a good life.

On the other hand, a famous person solely focuses on the marketing and promotion of the book. It is his responsibility to find a good agent and from there the publishing process becomes easier.

Writing a good book really needs talent, skill and hand on practice. It takes a lot of years of your life and after a certain age it is a must to earn well as several aspects of your life depend solely on it.

Having talent means nothing. You need time to polish your skill and develop it to an extent that people gives you a complete book to write. It really takes a lot of time. Then a time comes when anyone needs a writer and then an agreement between you and him starts. You write for him as a ghost writer. World will know that he wrote the book and not you but you get the money in hand – a readymade option.

No matter what and how others think and connect it with ethic and ought to but the fact is that you have talent and you need money. There is nothing wrong with coming into an agreement as a ghost writer provided payment is handsome.

Once the contract paper is signed then your heart and soul are set to finish the book as soon as possible with the best quality. Your next contract and payment will solely depend on the response of the readers and sales figures.

As a ghost writer, you are doing a business and you need to think as a business mind too. The sooner you finish the better you can invest your time in another project.

Nowadays everyone knows that the rich and famous people don’t have time to write but have experiences to share which a reader would like to know which is a good reason of books sale.

If you are getting the opportunity and your situation allows then I think there is nothing wrong in signing the contract. Now people know celebrities like NAOMI CAMPBELL, BEYONCÉ, JANE GOODALL, and JAMES PATTERSON and many more are using ghost writers and several amongst them have also acknowledged this.

This is still a common belief that famous writers do not hire ghost writers but such believes are also gradually disappearing from the market. James Patterson and Guy Kawasaki and many such bestsellers at some point of time said that yes, they have used ghost writers.

And good thing is that ghost writers are not ghosts anymore. Their names are also coming into the market and people now know them too. So there is always a good chance that you can have your name in your books and readers love to read your books with your name under the tittle.

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