Set real expectations in Marriage


Marriage is the best thing and so both man and woman crave to get as soon as possible but hurry always costs life. Never show too much hurry, go slow and be clear about your expectations and allow freshness to enter into your relationship.

The best way to save your marriage is to know first what it can give you. What really you can expect in the marriage. Marriage is not for having your dream to experience in reality. It is the need of your reality so face the reality with open eyes and keep your expectation as realistic as possible.

It is very important to be clear in your mind why you want to marry someone

  1. Marry with all odds and good: People want to grow in life and want to become something and they work hard to reach there and sometime keeping balance between the work and home becomes difficult. It is possible you feel distance and you feel mad but it is all you need to accept clearly before entering in marriage.


  1. Marriage turns a house into home: Home is a place where you feel safe and indeed you feel safe while you are reacting over your failure and express your frustration in full voice. Allow to let on and accept each other in totality.


  1. Marriage can’t completely efface your loneliness of heart: It will be easier to understand if I tell you that everyone is carrying a big bag of loneliness and the moment you feel to share some of your loneliness with someone for the lifetime then you are in marriage. It allows both of you to open your bag and share your loneliness and feel fine but don’t expect that your whole loneliness will be share and you will not have any after marriage.


  1. Marriage is not a therapy: If you are wounded emotionally then don’t think he or she will understand you completely. It is yours so you have to take care of it. However your partner will surely support you to get better soon. Such moments create a long lasting relationship, learn to value them.


  1. Marriage is not the playground of ego battle: Ego is a good thing but keep safe as it can wall both of you and keep you feel alone and worst alien to each other. Better learn the fact ego can kill your marriage and separate you for the life time. Be open and tell your mind and allow your partner to speak openly and above all trust honestly what your partner says. Otherwise your relationship will face ego struggle.


  1. Marriage is not clean like a photography: When you go and click a photograph you try to avoid all unnecessary objects. You try to have clear pictures but life is not like that. It is full of unnecessary things and so is your marriage. The best way to safe your sanity is to learn to avoid, choose your battle wisely – in fact very wisely and end it all soon.


  1. Marriage never promises love for lifelong: Indeed love only promises happy life but not the marriage so always care for your love. It will take you towards a happy life. You will create a strong bond by caring for each other. Otherwise marriage is like a fine book purchased at a high price but kept on shelves without reading.


  1. Marriage is not a demand to love in return: Life is a big game changer and same is with marriage. It can change you so be careful. Never stop your kindness and good acts if you partner is not showing you any in return. The truth is we believe tit for tat and result is always bad. Love is something that can change and if it does not change your partner then at least you will have a comfort that you tried your best.


  1. Marriage doesn’t mean no distance: Indeed a little distance is very important in every relationship. You don’t need to start taking all decisions of your partner’s life. Both are free and both are matured so it is always good to have mutual decision.


  1. Marriage doesn’t stop struggles like who loves the most: It is a very common struggle between couples as they always try to prove to each other that one loves more than the other and so other doesn’t have any care for the first. It is a very unique kind of love hate relationship. Trust me this situation is very childlike, very innocent and no need to push the panic button, one good warm hug can solve major of the complaint and rest can easily be avoided.

Be sure that your marriage is like your own garden; the better you care the better fruits will get laden. Be happy and keep your partner happy. Life will seem a lovely garden of dreams and desires.

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