Ghost writing is all about relationship


It is an open secret that the businessmen hire different skilled people for their different types of work which helps the smooth operation of their business. In similar fashion in today’s digital world they hire writers, some on salary and some as freelancers.

It is a writer’s responsibility to understand the client’s requirement, his mood, preferences and expectation level. As a freelancer I have some clients and I understand them and know their voices so accordingly I write and I never have gotten any complain.

People hire me or writers for their blogging. As a freelancer writer it is very interesting that you are writing for many domains as presently I am writing for a Jeweler, Dietitian, Motivator and Restaurant owner. All are from different domain and I handled everything from their magazine articles, website contents, any personal contents to their blog posts.

It is really good that they now have realized the importance of writers; web presence and their unique voice that makes them stand apart from their competitors. Blog is the best way to drive the traffic to their website.

It is very wonderful time when you can earn your fortune by writing. Gone are the days when writers were poor and writing in penury and so it was considered only as a hobby. Now it is a business. You are paying income tax.

To run your show it is very important that you have a good idea about the market as at what price most of the writers are working. Believe me or not, but this market is very tough. Companies are not ready to spend on you and your competitors are always ready to get an opportunity so they are ready to reduce their prices. It is the point where the lowest bidder gets the deal but not always.

I have my fixed price, no bargain and it is my thumb rule. Neither I lie nor do I compromise in terms of quality.  I give you what I write. Indeed my words are going in your name so I can write in low price in less time but it is my rule and I never succumb before it. Reading this I had a word with Mr. Rajiv Seharawat as I lost some business in which domain I was interested to work. I like his suggestion – “Never go behind money let it come to you.”

In fact, at a point of time he had told me, (at that time I had not started full lazed writer.)

“Your writing is your sword and it can safe you in every good and bad hour. Trust yourself and write. If you trust in yourself others will also trust you.”  Rajiv Seharawat

Writing is all about your trust in yourself and in your intuition which you can call an idea how to write. I take time before I start to write. I read first and wait for the intuition to support me to write then writing is a fun. I am writing in a flow. I don’t think for anything except my subject and how my client would like it to be written then I leave all on my intuition. It gives me the whole article.

I never miss my deadline. In this business it is very important to be always available and ready to finish your work on time. If you miss the deadline you are bound to miss your business. Be on time. Keep on reading something new. If possible update your client, help yourself to plan and execute the idea on time. It is not possible until you are totally focused on your job.

The most important part of your ghost writing is that your client is getting more credit. I still remember it was my 3rd article for my client and she called me at night from outstation that today many people congratulated her and they loved her article. She is very happy and it is all because of me. Her words were a pure magic for me. It made me more focused on my works. It really helps. It really helps in going the extra mile and with each passing day your pockets get fuller, your earning goes up along with your confidence.

Ghost writing is one of the best ways to earn the best. Indeed, some clients strictly want that you will not tell the world that you write for them. Some like to you to sign a non-disclosure agreement but in this matter I am lucky. None of my clients has any issue if I tell anyone and I get new clients and that is why I say that ghost writing is all about relationship. Be professional, act wise, be on time and your pocket will always smile.

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One thought on “Ghost writing is all about relationship

  1. Trust is important for relationship and to feel where the person has gone through. like being there and seeing it happen in your own mind…I like the information given here ..thanks

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