Ghost writing as a new way of business


Everyone is not a good writer but they can have good knowledge and expertise in some areas and these people want someone who can word their ideas or experience in their own words. They are ready to pay well to any good writer. In other words they are looking for a ghost writer.

This is now a very lucrative and very popular thing. In small scale, businessmen are hiring people for writing and maintaining their blogs and articles. Local magazines are willingly asking you to write content in the name of other people.

This is a market. If you have a skill and you need money then companies are ready to hire you as a content writer. In fact these days there are agencies that are hiring young writers and selling their write ups to different media houses.

India has become a big market for ghost writing business. People from Australia, Europe, and America – from all continents are approaching Indians for their ghost writing work. In cities like Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai you can easily find some companies who are taking assignments from their foreign clients and running their business. They are also writing books for their clients.

Ghost writing business is also like any other business. Here you need some investment, time, skill set and then good clients. It is very simple. You can do this on your own as a freelancer or can work in such companies. They pay you good salary. They have their writers, proof readers, editors and so on. If you are doing on your own then you have to manage all by yourself.

At the beginning your client will certainly need to know you and your abilities as what you can do for them. But once you have something to show then getting business is easier. Certainly here you have a proper written agreement with your client.

I started writing as a magazine contributor and then as a ghost writer for magazines. That has helped me to come in contact with several people who were from different backgrounds like Yoga, Health care, Diet, Hair and Makeup, Fashion Designers, Models, Jewelers, Restaurant owners, Food and Wine and Media personals and also including some Motivational and Public Speakers. Soon we knew each other and my writing business started to grow. I got works to write for them. It was certainly good as a starting level.

My business suddenly reached a new level as I got a chance to write books as a ghost writer. It is all about your relationship and their confidence in you. As I have written some books for myself so it worked well for me in getting their confidence.

It all started when a man had been watching my work for a long time and one day he asked me to write for him and manage his blog. After writing for couple of months one day he asked me regarding book writing work for him. I certainly asked for his expectations and I didn’t take long to hand him the synopsis.

As of now people are aware of eBooks and self-publishing so it is not a very big deal to convince anyone-  particularly one who has seen your work and found good response from readers and known sources after your works for him.

After a small legal formality we were in agreement that within a particular frame of time or so I will hand him his manuscript and he will pay me first 50% in advance now and remaining 50% after completion. Everything was in black and white.

This whole payment is like a one-time investment for your client but when the deal is signed then ball is in your court. Now you as a writer have to show your best as your future revenue will solely depend on the success of this book and on the level of satisfaction of your client. So, I was to be very sure that I put my 100% into it to give my best.

Soon I get another book offer from someone else who is from completely different background. Learning is the best key to keep your writing engine on. Don’t leave any possible way of your learning. As I first read litters of things make my points and then write in a flow. It helps to maintain my level and match the level of my client’s expectation.

Ghost writing for book is one of the best ways to earn well till you not make your own platform so well that you can earn all with your own name. After all self-publishing certainly needs deep pocket so ghost writing is the best alternative for skilled writers.

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