Breasts – wonders for all time


Breasts are the lovely pair that drags the men’s eyes on them. Are they so inviting? Are they covering with simple slits to view half and leave better half for imagination? Or are they always a pair of our big imagination?

No matter what but simple fact is that they are one of the best objects for imagination, caged, fully covered, side open or in any way but always the best to view.

It is an experience and one can’t forget when those lovely breasts allow the hand-on experience. It is like a heaven’s door opening to enter with full heart pondering and racing experience. Men have the chemistry to just begin with the love for breasts.

A research at Germany was conducted on over 200 men. After 5 years of studying the research says that “Just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well-endowed female are roughly equivalent to a 30-minute aerobics work-out.”

According to Weatherby’s findings, men that stared at breasts daily had lower blood pressure, slower resting pulse rates as well as fewer instances of coronary artery disease.

Breasts are the lovely pair that gives health benefits and love tinge of impulses to go further and live the whole range of wild and dark fantasies. Living your fantasy is what makes life worth living. (Hopefully, all will agree.)

Breasts are the attraction for several researches too. In a research conducted in New Zealand about the size of breasts the researchers studied using eye-tracking technology to find how many men love to view or respond to the various-size breasts.

Results were definitely surprising: that some men responded well with attraction for small breasts however most men love gazing at the women with medium to large sized breasts.

If we talk about the Bra industry then it supports the idea that bigger breasts are better.

In 1914 first designed bra was patented which was two handkerchiefs sewn together with straps made of ribbon.

In 1948 Frederick Mellinger, founder of Frederick’s of Hollywood, came with push up bra that further added larger look to the pair of breasts. It was a huge success.

In 1994, a time which changed the world of bra and fashion with the arrival of Wonderbra which was actually a refinement of push-up bra concept and accented cleavage. The bra became so popular that the sales of Wonderbra goes skyrocket from 3% to 10% market sales.

A study conducted at the size of the breasts found that the average American bra size has increased from 34B to 36C.

Women are ready to go for the operation to have bigger breasts but in the society at large this complain further increased that men talk more at breasts than at face.

A study reveals that breast augmentation industry is at boom and Surgeons now carry out nearly 317,000 boob jobs annually in which they do around 100,000 breasts reductions.

It is just considered that female’s bigger breasts are telling about her fertility, sexual maturity and sexual attractiveness.

No matter what you like to call it but men are men and they are crazy about breasts. Their English and Malaysian researchers found. They showed full body photos of women to 361 men. Result revealed that women with medium size won the best attention.

Breasts are undoubtedly bliss, crowned with nipples and areola. There are so much studies and scientific researches involved. In the world famous book by Master and Johnson – “Sex and human loving” which is no less than a bible for learning about sexual intimacy, have revealed that breasts size increases during sex and it plays a vital role in man- woman sexual intimacy.

If we talk about the topic of sex and mating then it is in the human copulation that they are the only mammals who can achieve face to face sex. During sex or feeding nipple size grow bigger and during this very moment the hormone called oxytocin increases in the blood. This very hormone is also known as “Cuddling hormone” because it is released during close social encounters.

Our body is designed to play together, attraction is normal; love and attraction hormones in our body are set in a way that even if you try to reserve yourself, attraction is possible. It is next to impossible to reserve your hormonal reactions.

Woman body is very complex and very simple too. The undulating line of her body is a magic. They are connected as one of the whole stream. One is addressing the other. The visual breasts are addressing the responses in between the thighs.

In a study it is found that as nipples are stimulated then this sexual response reaches to the genitals part too. Breasts are not just visual pleasure for men only but a source of sexual pleasure for most women.

When we talk about breasts and female the subject of pornography can’t be untouched. They have exploited the idea of bigger breasts as more revealing and enticing for men.

Hugh Hefner in his famous magazine Playboy often came up with his interest and love for big breasts and 7 times pin up girl Pamela Anderson got cover print.

Men are visual driven beings. They are instrumented to love breasts. It is not just the new fondness but from the history of Paleolithic cave art time dating back 35,000 years there too we found portrays of naked women with enormous hips and breasts. The love for breasts is very old and as old as the human civilization started.

So have no guilt if you are a breasts lover and graze at breasts once in a day. If more than that and making it public then it can be dangerous too. Enjoy!!!

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