Why women do so much shopping


Women love shopping. It is a fairytale experience as they can buy anything and everything. Shopping is an adventure, a festive time to redecorate their life. Right from the ancient time they have been buying things to support their family.  So now shopping is in their DNA. They can’t live without it.

They can give their whole day to their shopping, walking the whole length of the mall and then walk to another one. They are the best in their search. They show more patience than men.  They find time to shop. They visit to shop a bag full of articles.

Shopping is an overall experience for them. They don’t go to the market for targeted items. They go to explore the market, to interact with the sales associates, to talk about the quality and durability, about price haggling and discounts, to know the new trends and fashion and who knows what else. They enjoy the whole range of exploration right from selecting an item, to take home price to comparison between the homogenous products and the prevailing market price and now the online marketing price.

Women are the best customers. They do not plan all from home. They are open to you to convince them to use their money for the best buying. They have time to listen to you and not in a hurry to check out soon.

They are in the store for the best experience. They need many things along with their items. They need sales associate presence for better selection of items and to see different style and varieties. They need sales associate to be well informed about the product and can show enthusiasm in giving them a sense of importance.

Buying gives them immense pleasure. It gives them the sense of importance and also let them to be a decision maker. This gives them the unmatched sense of authorities’ rights on their family.

Long from the ancient time and in every society women have the role of a caregiver both to children and to elders. In this role they are accustomed to look at everyone’s need and buy accordingly for everyone.

With the recent change in the society and with the rise of working women or self-sustained women in our society they have found a new freedom and things right under their control so their love is sometimes seems to be like an obsession.

New researchers have found that women love pursuing the racks for long. Women are happy and energetic for 2 hours before it becomes dull, whereas men get bored after just 26 minutes of shopping.

Poof! Men are good hunters so they are born weak in term of shopping. When she is buying she is actually gathering stuff for herself, for her family and for the dear ones. This list can go on endlessly.

Right from the beginning of civilization women are the ones who are decision makers in all the household things and that primordial urge will always stay in them. Advertising companies have encouraged and exploited this women’s urge to visit the glamorous, well-lit and artfully decorated malls.

Here women get a wider range of goods and brands and they are subjects of their own desire rather than an object of a desire. Only a woman can know what a freedom she gets here when she is running from shop to shop to find a better color, pattern, design etc. and best of all the triumph of having things on discounted rates.

No matter what you think but shopping is an escape from their mundane life. It is a promise that they are still beautiful or can be beautiful like any cover page model. Women are not just buying goods; along with the goods they are buying an illusion that soon this world will be a better world.

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