Authors Can Use Virtual Assistants


Author is a person who is always busy and always working, no matter whether he is sitting to write or not.

Words are their treasures and imagination is the tool that goes deep into the treasure and brings the right words on their desktop or paper.

Their words are their real currency converter. The better they write the wider their reader’s reach. So they are careful and write wisely.

Words are precious. They carry the writer’s imagination. They create a world in the mind of the reader so creators have to be careful. One mistake and reader‘s imagination can be scattered. It is very important to give full attention while writing.

A writer has to undergo several unpleasant tasks. Sometime it is due to his lack of personal accuracy in that field or not backed by the interest in such things as cover design and print layout. But these are very important in order to push his sales.

A writer has to stand in the shoes of a publisher. He has to know his genre and his reader’s expectation. In order to match the expectation of his readers he has to work hard and can’t neglect anything or take it for granted.

Here comes the need of virtual assistant (VA).

VA’s are professionals in their respective areas and they help you in the most effective way and shoulder your things.

They help you to confine yourself to your writing part only and they can arrange for you the rest of the other things.

Nowadays book publishing industry has faced vast changes due to the technology changes.

Technology and high speed internet has really helped the authors to find cross border readership and personal branding in wider market.

This range of work definitely requires personal assistant who can help amateur writer as well as an established one.

It is always good for a writer to focus on writing and ask assistance for other works in order to maintain sanity in life.


Right from the idea level to the final shape of a book there are several works which author has to look after. It is really a good idea to hire a virtual assistant who looks after some non-writing tasks and helps you with their skillsets. That can save a lot of your precious time and mental energy.

He has to prioritize his to do list and from there he has to throw those works which he feels time consuming and tedious into others baskets. It helps in maintaining his sanity and meeting his deadlines.

The time now is favorable for new writers as they can self-publish. They really need to partner their works with a VA and act smart like a publisher and marketer too.

In the self-publishing world a writer has to take the burden to market himself. A virtual assistant can help to plan and execute a Virtual Book Tour, Book Signing, Blogs and podcast and much more.

Nowadays there are many specialized training courses in VA industry. Such courses give a lot of information which a VA is supposed to know while dealing with their clients. There is Virtual Author Assist (VAA) certification that enables a VA to assist a writer.

It is not very difficult and expensive to hire any good VA and get your work done with an ace.

I will not say that a writer should not undertake these tasks themselves but do they want to? Do they actually have the time or the headspace to undertake these tasks? They need to get on with their “day jobs”.

From my experience it is very hard to proofread and edit your own work and after the writing process is finished most of writers are happy to pass it onto someone else to complete the publishing process and look over their work with a fresh perspective. It saves a lot of time and mental energy of a writer.

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