How I started to write

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I always wanted to be a writer as everyone wants to be some or another thing in life. I find I have no means to be what I want to be. I want to write in English which is a second language for me. That means I have to work very hard to be at home in this language.

I read that writers are well travelled, highly educated, gained fast experience of life and mostly belongs to the rich background. Well, I have none of these elements.

One day while toying with my idea I suddenly feel that long traveling and a degree from big university doesn’t guarantee or give certificate for writing. It definitely helps but imagination is something that can bring a writer to unknown world as J.K Rowling did with her Harry Potter.

There are many students passing the best colleges every year but how many like to be a writer? To be a writer one must have passion, promise to be the one at all cost.

I found it very encouraging but encouragement was not the only thing I was looking for. I needed to ask myself, “Do I call my experiences as experiences fair enough to work on them?” I really felt clueless.

I found a small list of writers whom I liked and I had read. To increase the list, I would have to read and experiment with all types of writers. I wondered how they conceived their characters and made them alive through their words. Were they coming from imagination or experience?

I find a great limitation in expression. As one sentence can be expressed in many different ways which I may not have read in my grammar books. How can I decide that the one I have selected is the best one?

I must read a lot. Reading a novel 200 – 500 pages long is not an easy thing. I need time to read slowly to really catch everything from soup to nuts.

When I was a student, I had my course books, friends, games and many such small things to take care of and after study I have a job where I have to be all the time careful, watch out for back stabbers and irrespective of my job duties. So how to find time to read?

Reading a lot of novels always seems out of question. But without reading the books it is very difficult to know how writers are writing and what interest me.

I really needed to focus only on some selected good classical writers from England, France, USA, and India.  Indeed I need to read some difficult writers too and some fast selling writers too. I ought to read some books on craft and on skills of writing novel too.

Well, I concluded soon that all this would take me long enough to suck and swallow the entire life.

I felt frustrating. I felt that half of the life is spoiled by correcting grammar and having the right sense of language and other half is spoiled by reading.

I found no place to draw the line thus far and no further. I read what was available to me. I believe the Spanish Proverb- “Those who want to sing always find a song.”

I read books and in the mean while I worked at several places just to support my living and support my dream. I spent a lot of money to buy books and I was burning midnight oil to read them.

I continued to dream and in the mean while I noticed that half of my hair left my head and the rest turned white. I didn’t secure any high position in the company and my experiences were mostly filled with dissatisfaction, frustration, depression, sleepless night and friendless life.

Probably it was the best time to start my novel and I started …

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