15 Reasons for Men’s Attraction to Breasts

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Men love breasts and they are glutton for it but the most significant reason is that offers closeness to our loved one. It gives a sense of closeness, attachment that we have felt as we were born with. Having a sense of closeness with someone is the most important emotion in our life and in the whole gamut of our emotions. Breasts are actually the most commonly seen difference between man´s and woman´s body when clothed and covered properly. This visibility makes attraction, this covering makes it a cynosure and this subject fairly very interesting and majorly complicated to explain in very strict sense.

There are some noted facts about breasts that make men glutton for breasts like any teeny weenie.

  1. Breasts Are Great to Look At
    Men´s eyes get locked at the breasts and sensory buds stop at those and at the same time tickle the brain cells and eyes love the vision. Breasts are one of the first things a man sees in a woman. This habit of looking at is not nurtured at school or any place but it is natural. Brains normal functions. Indeed it is odd, offensive, but men can’t resist taking a peek!
  1. Breasts Add Grace and Poise
    No matter who & how the men are but they have an artistic sense. They love undulating image, again brain cells are responsible. When a male’s eyes gaze at the big breasts, on the back of the eyes brain reads them as curvaceous. You can call it opposite attraction as men don’t have any curves on their bodies.
  1. Sign of womanhood
    A woman is the first to teach men that the curviness is a symbol for womanhood which adds grace and poise to the way they carry themselves.
  1. Breasts Represent Fertility
    Long from the ancient time, it has been believed, (wrongly believed, no doubt) that big breasted are healthy woman who can reproduce healthy young ones. Since that very time our brain is tuned in a way that we believe big breasts as a sign of fertility.
  1. Breasts Offer Visual Stimulation
    As we all know, men get stimulated visually. It is probably the main basic difference between man and woman. Men are just turned on by looking at a woman’s body. Opulence of vision in the object – a woman body, particularly perky breasts, thigh and butts stimulate them visually.
  1. Breasts Are the Key to Second Base
    It is not a wide knowledge among men, but breasts are the key to second base because of their closeness to libido. So playing with them makes women more sexually aroused, which is another reason for men to love breasts.
  1. Breasts Lead to Great Foreplay
    Breasts make foreplay more interesting and more enticing. Breasts get better attention and fondling, sucking or kissing the breasts become important.
  1. Breasts Are Nice to Touch
    Well, it is not something that could or should be expressed through words, better experience, or learn to touch. Needless to say they are soft and supple, inviting, tempting and overwhelming for men.
  1. Breasts Are Mysterious
    Breasts are always a source of mystery and several poets wrote many poems about them. In poetry they are actually called seat of emotion and men just flow away with this mysterious object because breasts are very supple and adjust its shape under the influence of bra and dress and if left free – they wobble so naturally that young guys find themselves lost in visualizing what hides beneath the clothing until they catch hold of them.
  1. No Cleavage without bigger Breasts
    Nothing can be better than to flaunt your deep cleavage to get the best attention of men and make other women jealous. Without breasts, there would be no cleavage
  1. Breasts Are Soothing
    It is really soothing to rest your head on them. It is very cushiony and resting over them is the best and it makes the bad mood disappear. In fact, study says that men who see breasts for at least 15 minutes a day live longer and healthier!
  1. Bigger breasts are the best ornaments
    Imagine a woman with full rounded body having bigger breasts above all oozing out of her dress like a sweet lozenge of her skin. Do you think there could be any good ornament look distracting the finest view?
  1. Breasts give room for imagination to lighten
    You know the young teenagers are always in the pursuit of imagination and breasts are the best ones that fix their imagination and use their best creativity energies. Big boobs leave them with the best alluring situation.
  1. Breasts resemble the buttock
    Some schools of thought considers that actual attraction or love for breasts came from the love of buttocks because buttocks have more similarity and roundness to breasts. Breasts give sexual attraction from the front. Men love the voluptuous body and that translates into bigger breasts. Actually female body has more estrogen that encourages the body to store fat in the buttocks, hips and thighs. With puberty female body gets more adipose tissues than males and gain better visual indication of youth, health and fertility and this signals the male mind about the presence of sufficient fat stores for pregnancy and lactation. This opulence makes man attracted to breasts and indeed there are men who get attracted by other of female body too.
  1. Bigger breasts give better dressing style
    No matter what you wear but your bigger breasts will always get the best attention. You can try any tight Jean with top, Indian sari and blouse or salwar kameez or etc.
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