Writing is a huge challenge


Writing is a discipline which can be taught and can be learnt with inclination towards writing. Nowadays there are several online and offline courses around the world so you can add this skill set with your genuine interest. There are coaches for writers, communities for writers and many such platforms where you can learn to develop your skillset as a writer.

When you have learned to write the next important thing that you need is a story and the willingness to share it in your own words. This process can sound simple until you have not tried; after all arranging ideas from your mind to and putting them in words on paper is never easy task.

Gradually over a period of time you learn to use what is taught to you in the classes and writing here and there you own a name for yourself as a fulltime writer so now you have a resume to tell or show the world both online and offline.

This process is really time consuming and very tiring and most usually give up in the middle but those who prevail definitely have the opportunity to catch the big fish from the ocean.

The decision to be a writer in this world certainly requires a strong financial background and when your financial background is not very strong and you can’t afford to foot all the bills then writing for others is the best available option and fortunately there are many jobs in the market for writers such as content and copy writers but here I am not talking about all those.

I am focusing here on writing books.

The market is huge and scope to make a fortune is also there but initially you have to give your best in terms of finance too.

Indeed the option of self – publishing sounds very easy but certainly it is not. It is very important to have editors, proofreaders, beta readers, cover designer, and many such professionals to help you till the final marketing team and you also have to pay your regular expenses that means you must have a deep pocket to pay all in advance.

Just forget the idea of your friend who has good drawing skill or one who is good at grammar to do you any favor here. You need people who are hardcore professionals in their respective fields.

Certainly it is not an easy task, only a person who is mad or highly passionate about writing can sustain here.

I personally suggest that writer particularly in their developing stage should not marry else life could soon be a mess unless you get lucky then your wife could be supporting you as a good bread earner. If not then these are all day dreams and don’t waste time as you always have shortage of time.

Taking risks is one of the qualities which a writer must have. In fact, it gives you an opportunity to keep yourself closed in one room and none bothers to knock at your door. You are like a king sitting in your own kingdom with your laptop and other necessary tools of writing and working whole day or sometime whole night long.

Writing is a challenge but to become a good writer is a huge one.

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