Writing for a celebrity writer always teaches you the best


If you make a decision to be a writer in this world when your financial background is not very strong and you actually have no one to guide you in this field of writing then you have to take a risk very wisely because you are the maker of your fortune.

Certainly it is not an easy task. Only a person who is mad or highly passionate about writing can do this. If you are not earning well then there is no point in having marriage or girlfriend. After all everyone likes a settled life partner and as a writer you have no hope of that until you sign a big contract with any publisher.

Taking risks is one of the qualities which a writer must have. In fact it gives you an opportunity to keep yourself closed in one room and none bothers to knock to disturb you. You are the king in your own kingdom and you are to read and write new things but doing it long you certainly need a good amount of money in order to foot the bills.

Each hard time opens a new window of opportunities and ghost writing is one of the best choices. Here you need to focus on the structure, plot and then never stop your flow, let fresh air to enter into your writing and never think about the readers and the actual writer for whom you are writing. Nothing actually matters to you when you are sitting in your kingdom and writing.

The actual writer is answerable for everything so let him answer to the readers. You are only answerable for your characters in the book – if they are fine then all is fine. Your world where you exist and the world which is writing are actually two different worlds but at time they are both similar.

Uncertainty is the fact of life and no knowledge can predict the future as it is only going to happen. Yes presumption is always possible which really matters and that makes sense. As in our life it is very difficult to pin point the cause and effect as similarly several small atoms in life pop up and change the situation of life. People have the freedom to think accordingly and behave sometime matured or bizarre or strangely.

Life is complicated and representing this in writing certainly opens you to great opportunities and challenges. As a ghost writer you have someone to take note of all this.

Writing is messy business – here you need to reach the readers guts and help them to walk in your shoes and act and react as you want them. And if you manage to hold them no matter with what logic then you are successful.

Actually writing is allowing you to live those lives in your brain, living those uncertainties, its ambiguities and letting go of the idea of complete resolution. It actually widens the area of naturalness of life into your stories and plot and it helps readers to understand that life is not all about chasing the bear but about what is actually suddenly thrown at you without any warning and you need you handle it all while staying upright.

It is lovely if there is someone equally involved in the story and have much wider experience in this field. They can help you to experiment and suggest you what is the best with better options. Writing for the celebrity writer always teaches you the most.

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