Woman who is hurt needs you more honestly


Having a friendship is always great but it is amazing to have friendship with a woman as you can expect something more into this package after all friendship is a great thing in life and friendship with a woman is something which outdoes everything.

She is the most alive thing in your life and you try to do everything that can keep the friendship lively, jovial and wonderful but the struggle starts when your each try makes her more fearful as she is wounded and broken from within and fears in opening herself and she considers that her friendship with you can be another beginning of her problem.

Well, now you are definitely with a wrong type of woman and you need to work smartly to convey her that we are friends and only hoping to have a good friendship where she has all the freedom to take time to let on her mind and feel comfortable and relaxed.

Definitely you have long hard days ahead as she is not going to understand this very easily. She needs your time and patience so she can truly get ready for this slowly.

  • She is more protective to herself: It is crazy as you are trying to help her to get normal and feel open and free but she wants to go slow and need her own pace which is going to test your patience.
  • She likes to talk about the bygone: Well listening her bad days are not a bad idea but finding her thinking and talking about her sad time is like she is living those all in her mind again and again and it is something that makes you to say but you have to smile with patience.
  • She needs protection against her all bad days:It is not easy to confirm as nothing ill going to repeat until you know her the best and spent a good deal of time with her. You now know how and what she wants and what makes her happy.
  • She tries to judge you for all from your actions:she is always suspicious and likes to judge you not from your soft and cozy words but from your actions too. She is just trying to safe herself first from further damage. She definitely likes you but total trust needs a long day to end.
  • Her suspicion will always stay alive with her:It is not easy to make her trust you fully as she is always suspicious and worried so she needs your patient and care.
  • She needs you to be honest in all cases:well you are also a human and can have a little patience or mistakenly do something which can hurt her so on such situation be honest and tell her what made you to do that and you now know and not repeat your mistake again.
  • She will not take anything for granted:This is really hard as she can withdraw herself any moment she feels insecure. She is not ready to read between the lines. She is not ready to hanging in fire. She needs quick and easy reply. Tell her what you think about her. She is not ready to solve any puzzle.
  • She likes the person who can see her positivity: Indeed she is not an easy kind of woman. She is difficult after all she is gathering herself bit by bit and strengthening herself to stand again. Don’t complain as she is slow but appreciate her to be courageous and strong.

She is your best investment of life and trust me, you can bank on her as she knows her pain as well as your pain in supporting and giving her trust to live a better life. Soon you will love this effort as it all worth.

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