With age your love for your lover also change


Love is the most important phenomena of life. No matter what your age is and how is your situation of life but the feeling to have love and been in love is something that make the life easier and bring it to a level of innermost satisfaction and happiness.

Love is a something without which life seems nullified but with age and maturity your way of expressing your love with your partner also change and it reaches to a maturity level. Here is a short changes which you can notice, as:

  • The way you like to mix with your love:

When you are in teens or young adult your expectation is fully to enjoy, have fun and allow your adrenaline experience to follow but with age you like to find a cozy place where your real deep emotional connection can grow.

  • Your acceptance level change:

Now you both have seen life and its changed faces so now you both have a set of goal ahead you and you want to secure your life within your budget and sometimes you care more about the risk and danger in life. Certainly with age you don’t like to take risk in life. You want a safe secured life.

  • With age you learn to accept yourself:

Indeed when you are young you have something called peer pressure. You also want to do what others are doing like dating and going out without any purpose but now you are more serious and now you don’t want to rush into relationship and want to wait for the right person and before that you enjoy the time of your singled.  You try to focus more on your personal and professional accomplishments.

  • With age you learn much about yourself:

It is very important to know what you want in your life and how much time you need for yourself to reach where you want to see yourself. Certainly one takes longer time than one expect, indeed some are lucky.

  • You learn to recognize your value:

It is the value that makes your life easier as you learn about your correct value after knowing about yourself and about your limitation and abilities. It becomes easier to mix with the people whom you understand and find suitable for yourself.

  • You learn to understand and not try to change other:

When you are a young you waste a great deal of time and energy in trying to change others and that creates a lot of fiction in relationship but when you are old you learn to accept others as what they are that facilitates better understanding, friendship and harmonious relationship.

Your life always grows and you need to grow emotionally mentally and financially as your responsibilities and requirements are always growing so your focus goes on a partner who can understand and support you in growing.

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