Why Women Cheat


Life always finds ways to live and believe me or not but people find reasons for all of their acts and the same goes for the matter of love sex and cheating. I don’t want to give you an impression from my article that it is hard to find a woman happy and so there is always a chance of her cheating. Nothing.

Cheating is just a temptation and it can come in life for a short while but it can leave everything in commotion, disturbed and ruined. Cheaters always find pleasure first but soon for sure have a pain, a tinge of separation and a worst guilt.

This is a fact of life that life never runs smooth and each life has some crosses and a woman’s life which has so many cares for smaller things often feels stressed about small things and some feel forced to cheating.

Studies conducted in 2012 by Marital and Family Therapy, say:

  • 14% of married women have cheated compared to 22% of married men.

However, women’s cheating is still an investment into her new relationship as she is looking for emotional intimacy while a man usually cheats for physical pleasure. She wants to feel that she is desired, wanted and irresistible which when she fails to experience at her home she slips outside. Here are the few most talked reasons:

  1. Lack of attention and intimacy: 

Love is something without which life is barren. In general, women need a lot of things from her partner that means intimacy, physical touch, and mental and emotional attention. Once she is lacking she slowly moves to emotional affairs which don’t take long to become a sexual one.

  1. Revenge:

It is a negative feeling and it is done to hurt your partner. It is like telling him that sees how one feels when someone cheats but it means nothing. Earlier one was feeling hurt and now both and soon no one.

  1. Bad sex:

It is really something very important in life that really makes her feel bad, emotionally stressed and makes her spend more time in fantasizing  which can lead to cheating.

  1. Better opportunity or just temptations:

Male gets excitement by watching and love seeing the partner in shape. It is the greatest weakness you can say and when woman knows men can be or are behind her there is a great chance of cheating.

  1. Financial independence:

When you have financial dependence certainly things come within your control as you get more opportunities in life. You get more access to the new opportunities and you find chances to like someone greatly.

  1. Low self-esteem:

It is very big problem that grows due to rejection received in life and gradually a woman starts to live in rejection as she is of no use. Such level of thought affects her sexual, emotional and intellectual wellbeing. She needs approval of others in everything including sex. Such women often fail to trust in her husband’s or boyfriend’s love. Yes low self-esteem is not something that can’t be checked and situation of her life can’t get improved. Indeed it can be by counselling.

  1. Feeling under-appreciated:

Appreciation is something everyone wants not only at a work place but also in the relation and after marriage over a period of time when you start to feel rejected, un-noticed and unimportant gradually you like to start working on something that can help you to draw your husband’s attention like cooking special food, celebrating holidays and birthdays or any day that can make a day meaningful when you can listen from him your heart craving words like – love you, please, thank you etc. but you are just taken for granted each time.

  1. Bored:

It is something that gradually comes in life and it makes t monotonous, dull and a routine follows and no wonder you need a change. There is nothing you can do. You are feeling emotionally distant from him. You feel to find yourself in a new lively situation in a new ambience and in a cozy atmosphere. All this started with a good sense to excite you. You start to look at your Facebook account, old friends and old stash of acquaintance.

Indeed it is sad to know that something was wrong and missing in their relationship and that allowed the need of a new partner. However, there can be several other reasons too but it is always bad to see that relation is rocking.

The best way to keep yourself safe is to look for better counselling, good self-help book and control your temptation and try to restore your relationship.

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