Why do women like to be fooled?


Last night I was at a party that had a good number of beautiful females. I was at a corner sipping my beer and looking at the loveliest women, young, beautiful and stunning.

The most exciting thing about most of them was that they were there on their own and not with their husbands as if they planned to enjoy this party as any ladies’ hangout party.

Often party starts with flattery smiles and lovely hugs. Indeed, I feel impressed and feel to pat my back: Bravo! You also know a few of the loveliest beauties.

No matter what they say or whisper party night is full of noises, drinks and so hug is one thing that soon accounts for the modesty.

In such an angle’s night with happy faces and glistering eyes, my attention was naturally moving from one to another.

The magical dance floor with beautiful legs on move, hips spinning with side to side and back and forth movements and slim hands floating like smoke.

Everything was enticing and captivating.

Some women are definitely the ones that men are praying for. A pretty girl knows the best who can follow her after one wink.

These lovely women are beautiful and strong (in both senses of the word) they have helped such parties to be alive, lovely and drinks more intoxicating.

These women inspire and encourage men to speak out their heart. I know they see the positivity in their words and happily smile in response. But there are some noted facts I’d hereby like to share with you lovely women and you should remember them by heart like any bed time story:

  • Men say thing which they don’t mean.

Men have a lovely heart which they love sharing by words mostly before the lovely girls.

Men are generally not very careful about their flowery words.

It is like a throwing pebble into a silent lake without caring about its after effects.

Trusting and not trusting their words is your dear choice but your innocent days can get ruined if you sadly learn that men are like this only and they share their words with every woman they pass.

  • Men know your biggest secret:

Women have weakness for flowery words and love to imprint them on their heart. That really makes a woman a mysterious character, hard to understand and difficult to cope with.

As the words of a man hit the heart of a woman, the beautiful girl is in love.

Love is a beautiful connection between the two souls but no hurry!

Helen Rowland, an American Journalist says: “When a man makes a woman his wife, it’s the highest compliment he can pay, and usually the last.”

  • Men can play with your flaws:

Weakness is just a trick to manipulate someone and obviously everyone has them. But why on earth would these lovely damsels like to be tricked?

It is always wise to focus on your strength and let alone your weakness.

But why on the Earth do they want to be superlative? And comparison just makes them feel out of their mind. Two women become jealous and then mostly harsh words are thrown on others due to jealousy and comparison.

Holly Black says: “Whatever you love, that is your weakness. “

  • What men words mean actually:

Men’s words spoken about the beauty of a woman are like an average pickup line.

Beauty is the ultimate gift which is more feminine and attributes to her nature, kindness and gentleness and not just the smoothness of her skin or anything with her voice.

Men are just trying to convey rightly to them that they are beautiful, adorable and they want to be in love. It is open letter to invite women’s attention.

Now the ball is at your side, my dear lovely angels, it’s up to you to decide how you want them to be: as your admirer, lover, and husband or just accept their word as a compliment.

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One thought on “Why do women like to be fooled?

  1. Most women know men do that , but we still fall for every trick they pull on us.

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