Why do celebrities want to be authors


Why do celebrities want to be authors? This question gets hold of my mind as my eyes roam around the library. Mostly all famous personalities have a book in their name.

It can be the most fascinating way or idea to meet the members of their fan club or to reproduce their life before the world as a work of an art.

No matter what they have in mind but book signing is something which has an immense pleasure that is definitely very fascinating business of one’s life. It adds more visibility to them and makes them last in people’s memories for longer.

Still reading serves a bigger and wider image of life and the iconic celebritkes are behind the bigger names. Publishers are the businessmen and they are offering them the big bundles of notes for their books.  This fat income further sweetens the deals.

Writing gives them time and space to reinvent themselves and push them as a role model before millions of readers. Here they get time to say whatever they wanted to say and bring seriousness into the comedy of their life where hope and despair seem to be always at the tug of war.

The big theme of human pain and pursuit of achieving dream was lurking in turmoil and future seemed unpredictable, only a small hope within to achieve the dream was playing a big role and driving one to move towards the goal.

This book is nothing but a voice of those eras of struggle and the most substantial and palpable object to carry the weight of life and its hardship which will be faced by everyone who wants to turn their dream into a reality.

Words capture the life experience and produce an energy to motivate others and help in influencing others life too so the world always have real heroes in life.

Definitely the responsibility of a ghost writer is very high and writing each word is a challenge but the well-informed brain of a writer always finds the right path to accomplish the work in the best possible way.

A ghost writer certainly has to bear the entire struggle in his mind and word it exactly as he feels and then in his solitary time dedicate himself to polish the work in the most fashionable way to produce the best work. In fact he has to live the life of its original author.

His creativity and passion of writing brings the celebrity onto the pages and a reader can feel his impulse within him or her. This job is not easy and that is why it is said that writing is not easy. It tills the readers’ heart and that is the success of the book and the sole purpose of writing.

Great book makes a celebrity to be closer to their fans and adds new fan followings and makes people to believe that hard work makes dreams to shine in real. It makes a celebrity to be immortal and that motivates a celebrity to be an author.

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