What Happens When You Stay Single For Too Long


Living single is never a desire but an option forced upon you as a compulsion. It is a situation which you don’t like first but gradually you learn to accept. Slowly you learn and adjust yourself and then you continue to life like that only. Situations of your life and your emotional level gradually make you to have a different nature, different objective in life and likewise your habits also change.

Living in a relationship then seems difficult as it means you need to change again. It is not so simple because this new ways of living has saved your life and helped you to live and changing it means again disturbing your logic and mindset.

Living in relation means living with your responsibility and living by caring for others but this practice was once stopped and you start to live alone, think only for yourself and on your lonesome hours you learn to keep yourself always busy.

You develop a nature which will not be wrong to call as a selfish but it is the only thing that protect you and make you survive in your odd hours however here is the list of some nature which gradually becomes part of you but when you think to get into a relationship you notice these changes in you, as:

  • Relationship needs you to change: Things in life often demands change to fit accordingly but living long alone and single you learn to live by your own and you learn to stay busy. This habit increases the chances of dissatisfaction to your partner and mostly it buzzes the relationship in ugly ways and it is likely to be possible that you end up to alone again.
  • Chances to find the suitable match decreases: Needless to say that the chances of having the right person in life start to decrease as people around you starts to get busier into their affairs of life and you seem to be left alone. Over a period you need to find some ways to adjust with the change and you start to help yourself to start giving priorities other things in your life. You learn to accept your present and you bother less about having a partner.
  • You think you deserve better, after all you have waited long to have one: Gradually you learn that you have stayed single because you know what you want in a romantic partner and that stops you to settle with someone who is not exact your match.
  • You become doubtful at your physical capacity as a lover: Being single actually means without using the right muscles for the right time for the chilling relationship in bed. As you have lived single for a long so it is very common and natural to doubt at your ability to mate and keep the other happy. Indeed, you know pleasure has to be mutual and not just yours only and above all it just can’t be physical one but emotional too.
  • You become an independent and like to have independent kind of partner: You like to find someone who is as independent as you are now and you don’t like anyone to butt in regularly into your day to day affairs of life. Such personality type and such mind set are really difficult for a committee relationship and it is hard to find such match. After all in any committed relation the very first thing that you miss is your sense of independent life as you both need to think for each other.
  • Hard to draw the line while flirting: Yes, as a single you are free to flirt to any extent and make it a habit but once you are in committed relationship you need to check your habit as it be offending for your partner and can lead to divorce or anything bad.
  • People learn to become selfish: When you are single you learn to think only about yourself but when you are in relationship you need to learn for both and there comes the problem of your habit. As a single you can plan your trip, holidays, party time and amount of drinks. If you like you can switch off your mobile and forget the world but you are in relationship then you have someone who cares about you and wants to know as where are you now.

It is very important to stay married in life and give a happy and caring life but yes everything is not just in your hand and people unfortunately due to some unfortunate reason become single and adapt some habits that make the chances of re- establishing life and coming into committed relationship difficult however it is never too late to begin afresh.


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