Clothes are not the statement of a woman’s inside.

Woman loves to wear a dress that can make a man crazy for her or she wears to support her presence before the other women.

It is hard to find the real answer but Men’s DNA has been hard wired to notice woman’s breasts.

Generally, men get an impression that woman’s fashion statement says a lot about her inner woman.

It is always an issue of debate.

Under-boob has got an international sexual appeal.

It is basically a t shirt which is purposefully contoured right above the breasts so the low hanging smoothness of breasts can be seen.

The smooth glaze of her rounded pendulous curves pocking out from the couture top that provocatively offers the view of those enticing pairs salivates the desire to see more beneath her top.

No wonder a woman is a man’s outmost weakness and if she captures the eyes towards her under-boobs curves then her outmost power can electrify the enticing nerve of our brains and men are caprice.

Our world of fashion and style knows no boundaries. Under-boob will not take much time to be a common sight.

Today the cover girls are wearing these and soon the major class will.

As in some parts of America, woman can walk on the streets bare-chested.

Really it is hard to comment officially.

A woman is free to wear anything and everything. But chances are every society may not react and accept this so easily.

However, Under-boob is gaining popularity. After all sex sells.

Some female gamers think that it is new way to wear your boobs.

Frankly, boobs are the center of attraction and when low cut or deep V dresses are again gaining popularity then why not go one step ahead while playing with the idea of exposing boobs and make the cut from low accepted.

In fact, the idea of catching women without bra has started from outside boobs to inside boobs.

It was around 2010 when sweet girls like Anne Hathaway came on red carpet with her side view exposure dress that made one and all to see her.

Inside boobs story is a little Spicer and the God mother of look – Jennifer Lopez helped the idea to get more popular. These inside boobs open up the wider window on front of the chest.

As Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson and Kim Kardashian all came on red carpet wearing these, this bold and bitchy fashion statement became very popular.

But it was GQ cover model – Beyoncé who turned cleavage looks upside down with her under-boob.

The tantalizing view of her t-shirt cut at the fringe of her braless chest made all eyes roving at her.

Indeed, under-boobs t shirt is on the fringe of acceptance but no wonder it will be the days for men to see their live fantasies walking on the street.


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