Total Yearly Consumption Of Wine 2016 Country Wise


Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks and it is loved by both men and women all over the world. Now people know about the benefits of wine and in their parties and bars people love to ask for wine.

Indeed in every party and get together, my first attention goes at the wine as I love sipping wine.

All over the world people love wine however wine is produced  by some countries.

Europe is considered as the land which produces a lot of wine; however USA also has big wine yards like one in Michigan. India also produces wine of international standard however India’s market in wine consumption is very less. India is still considered as a whiskey drinking country.

Wine has amazing alcoholic drink that has its long history and it is loved greatly by women all over the world, especially in the rich countries but this perception has changed and wine is best served in its glasses and everyone enjoy its fragrance, taste and health benefit.

The total consumption of wine is still around 244 million hectoliters collectively by (2016 stats)

In this search I am happy to share one info-graphic with my readers which I get from that can a wonderful info graphic stating the wine consumption figures by country.

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