Things that make a man more appealing to a woman


A man’s look matters but it is not all that matters. A relationship requires much more than that. A healthy relationship hardly banks on looks only. It can be one element but the important thing is the match of two people who like to be in a relationship.

A healthy relationship depends solely on the two however if you go along the law of attraction then you can find it is a very vast and complicated chapter and that goes along the sex appeal to the length of ring fingers.

However, there are some things that a woman likes to see above the looks in a man and that makes him more appealing attractiveness such as:

  • A man who is self-drive and self- reliant:

It is very important to have the right purpose and aim in life as it means you are serious and have the ability to carry liabilities on your shoulder and women look at men to measure them as a good prospective. Studies say that goal-oriented people are more attractive to women. These people are self-drive, motivated and self- reliant and after marriage they can be a good partner.

  •  Good Dressing sense:

It is very important to note that what you wear is not so important than how you wear as it makes better sense and leave better impression on a woman. Your manner of wearing your dress makes a lot of sense. Fashion keeps on changing but cleaning never goes out of fashion. Your high-quality dress can veneer your fine style but sense of dressing is all about taste and personality reflection.

  •  Be noble and gentle:

A person who knows how to behave decently in every manner of word with a woman can certainly be appreciated well as that helps in building trust and allows better air to mix into the atmosphere which creates a better need of good sex and love.

  •  Your openness with your partner:

Communication is the best thing that can help two persons to get together. It helps to know each other better and both can share freely their joy and sorrow that helps in weaving the net of great memories. Beautiful memories are much more important than any dark fantasies. Real women know this fact and they love the man who can give them better memories over the dark fantasies. After all the best fantasy match can come only through knowing your partner better and understanding him the most.

A real woman may like to look more in a man than these as something special too but these traits are something real women can’t miss to see in her choice for her love partner.  


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