The wonderful world of ghost writing


This world is a big business house where things are converting into brands. Brand actually assures that your money is going in a right way so people are not hesitant before spending. In other words, only brand matters.

People wear brand clothes, eat at brands restaurants and prefer to read brand named authors.

In the writing industry there has come a point of great change as by now even bigger names are using ghost writers and their books are running the market. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

People hardly care or are hardly aware that things do exist but they go behind the books and it doesn’t matter who is actually working or writing the book. Readers just see the book jacket and they are assured that the book is worth spending money on.

Readers are readers who are heavily in need of good books no matter what the behind the curtain story is. This mind set certainly has given a boom to this ghost writing industry and now more often than not people and celebrities from all walks of life are hiring writers and getting their books on the shelves.

It is actually good for the rich celebrated people as they can have time to enjoy their life without hampering their work.

Celebrities whom readers want to read are not necessarily only authors they can be from any industry like film stars, models, politicians etc. And it is not necessary that they are well versed in writing too or it is also possible that they can be too busy to pay attention to writing so in both conditions ghost writers gain the job.

In recent years as things have come up that some celebrated writer hired someone to write for him or her books. It was an agreement between the actual writer and person whose name will go on the jacket of the book that the actual writer will get paid but remain a ghost.

This business deal is now going high like anything. Each yeas many celebrities around the world are coming with their books and the inside story is the same – that the book is written by a ghost writer.

This industry will go on growing till readers are ready to read and publishers are ready to advance huge amount of money to the celebrities.

Ghost writing is also the future for the upcoming writers who have talent but no means to create their own market – then the best-selling authors or celebrities are the best ones to hire the writers to write for them at the best price.

Writing is a big challenge but it has huge opportunities.

As a small, unknown writer you need to burn your mid night oil for a long to be a brand and invest a lot of money in writing, editing and other necessary things but ghost writing is comparatively truly easy to earn big from.

A beautiful line was once well said by Tom Clancy: The public would soon cease to give a damn about who actually wrote what they were reading.

Indeed, people read the name on the book jacket first. If the name is popular best seller then it will run out of the selves in no time else books will be frozen to death in go-downs and hardly get the sun light of the day so ghost writing is the future and the win- win situation for both.

Here, they are several celebrities and influencing names around us and everyone is coming with their books and world is curious to know and read about them.

The role and the involvement of the book jacket writer is to give you “plot”, “establishing plot”, “giving guidance” and “pass character sketches” and then all is yours.

But your problem doubles when the celebrity whose book you are writing is not from the writing background then you have to do all for him or her. Indeed, it is like spoon feeding a baby but all your efforts are well taken care of financially.

Apart for that good point for ghost writer is that if the celebrity already has a publisher then chances are that ghost writer will have a small cut in the royalty too and that could mean millions.

Indeed it all costs. It cost you no visibility, you just stand in a shadow, never be interviewed by any TV or magazine or signing autographs at guest appearances.

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