The Passion Cloud

The Passion Cloud

Heart is a king of emotions and emotions that write poetry. Emotions like love are very prominent in poetry that no wonder soon love follows the pang of separation and then a melodrama occurs or final rejection. However apart from these range of emotions there comes very important range of emotion such as fear, depression, loneliness, life and its unfathomable experiences, ghost and the purpose of life and et al.

Our outer world always influence our inner world and here is the place of undercurrent that is nothing but the surfeit of emotion that often make poetry as a closer subject to the heart. The beauty of this rich world attract to itself no matter a beautiful woman or man or anything however the inner world struggles stops you and this fear to know the unknown and the fear from unknown make a interplay of emotions which we call it as experience of life and that make an expression of life in a piece of paper as poetry. It is a recuse and recluses of life where poetry give power to store emotions in words.

Poetry doesn’t make only words beautiful but also make life easier and heart touching word as a Good Samaritan and psychopath. Here in the collection of poem – the passion cloud you will have this wonder.

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