Style can lead a fashion trend


Fashion and style are one of the most talked terms in the fashion industry however people often mix them as one. In fact both are separate with different meaning. Fashion is the present trend prevailing in the market which has got hype from magazines, TV and movies and on the fashion runways. It is a thing that keeps on changing. One hit movie can make one thing in fashion and another can make another thing in fashion, for example the sun glasses of Ray-Ban were sold like a hot cake after the movie Men In Black.

Fashion is an idea that keeps on changing because of the changes in the popular industry. Fashion industry is directly influenced by music, books, television, movies, etc. As we know this world is full of different kinds of people from different culture and countries however they have something in common. It is highly possible that people carry the same taste for food, the same style for clothing and the same style for living. These small-small traits have built the fashion of today.

Fashion is the influence drawn from various sources and makes our life style. It has no fixed boundaries however it helps in understanding the social group in which one is living. The popular trend makes branding and it has influenced people to such an extent that companies have made their niche and made their target audience aware about their latest trend in such a way that people now know what suits best their life style.  Each product stands out from others like make up, watches, shoes, jewelry, sun glasses etc. Fashion creates styles of everything we use.

On the other hand style is something very personal – acceptance or likeness for anything for an individual. It is something and that something goes against the new fashion trends. After all it is person’s own matter of selection, preferences and opinion. It is true that style is something that can be altered, modified and customized on an individual level in respect to one’s own personality and body. Style is something very permanent in nature. It doesn’t change so easily. It is not only related with your clothing however it is something as a part of your individual that makes your own style a way of speaking, introducing yourself or your crafts or abilities.

It is seen that stylish people remain with themselves no matter how fast the fashion has changed. Their focus is on their preferences first and they balance their individuality with conformity.  However, it is also seen that some styles are so unique that some designers use it to give a new and creative touch to their fashion trend.

A designer Isabel Toledo says about style: “It is an effective way to carve out your individuality. Style is content . . . common property. It belongs to no one, and to everyone. A person with true style is displaying a fertile and thinking mind. The truth is we’re all born with an inner voice that serves as our personal style guiding light. People with style dress in harmony with their inner most authentic selves.”

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