Strength vs Weakness

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Strength versus weakness is a fight which causes a continuous commotion in mind. It seems that it is in our DNA that we try to equate and work to adjust to the environment and when we fail our frustration shoots up. Our society programs us to be like others and due to this it never allows us to accept us as we are. We know our strength which is enough to go ahead in life, but we work on our weakness to drive it to a level of satisfaction. But it is a myth that we can change our weakness into the strength. We can’t be at the best at what we are not. We are what our environment and heredity has made us and following them we have reached the level of what we are today. If weakness is there let it be there but work on your strength, make it stronger. Let your strength speak in your personality. No matter how harder we work on our weaknesses but there is no guaranty that our weakness will not come forth at the time of need. Better work so hard on the strength that people will accept you with all your weaknesses.

But our entire system is there to make us fight and the best way to make us fight is to point out our weaknesses. Then we are always fighting within, always working to improve the weakness and wasting our best possibility to be excellent in something which is part of our dream, which we really want to be and which we can be.

This fight is a trick that makes you a mediocre.

In fact, this world is full of mediocre and average people. Our society runs and balances itself through these types of people so they throw their ideas on others in order to make others like them and the result is always a frustrating and self-complaining life. It is always better to know your strength and spend more time and energy to develop it and make it stronger. In fact, strength means the right investment of your time and energy on your personal interest.

Rob Liano rightly says – “No one can discover you until you do. Exploit your talents, skills and strengths and make the world sit up and take notice.”

It is always good to follow the path where you are naturally good. It means you are good at the thing which is part of your soul. For example, as a writer you can have many weaknesses and strengths. You can be good at writing one thing but weak in another.  If your dialogues are at the best but may not be so equally good in narrating a situation. Don’t waste your time in improving it, it will improve with time, but work so hard on your strength that reader will fail to drop your book and read everything without thinking that it can be written in any other way. Be that sure, work that hard.

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